The Higgins Labor Program (HLP) is an interdisciplinary unit of the Center for Social Concerns sponsoring research, education, and community engagement on issues involving work — from organization (who does what work?) to representation (what are the rules?) to distribution (how are the fruits of work allocated?). Learn more about our mission, history, and staff.

Just Wage Initiative

What makes any given wage just or unjust? An interdisciplinary group of scholars and students from Notre Dame has developed a Just Wage Framework & Tool to probe this foundational question. Designed to engage stakeholders from across the spectrum, this interactive initiative promotes discernment, dialogue, and deeds pointing toward a fairer, more inclusive economy.

Throughout the academic year, the Higgins Labor Program sponsors a plethora of opportunities open to the public, from lectures to discussions to films. Guided by the Catholic social tradition’s commitment to the dignity of labor and those who perform it, our programs emphasize the human element at the core of all economic questions.

Labor Cafe: Where ND Talks Work!
Just Wage Forum
History @ Work
Summer Labor Fellowship


For informed and provocative online original content analyzing the latest thinking on work, the politics of work, and the work of social justice, check out reflections and reviews from the Notre Dame community as well as our far-flung network of alumni and allies.

The Labor Question Today
Labor Song of the Month
Work of Art/Art of Work
Labor’s Landscape