Welcome to the Center for Social Concerns, an interdisciplinary institute dedicated to justice education and research for the common good with communities near and far.

For more than four decades center faculty, students, and partners have worked to affirm and ensure the dignity and wellbeing of all people—especially the marginalized—and to promote flourishing communities both locally and globally through a mix of moral inquiry and action.

Catholic social tradition (CST) is our abiding touchstone as we work to tackle the world’s most pressing social concerns from sustainability to racial injustice to housing inequality to food insecurity. CST is a call to action for all who aspire to a more just world. It offers a way of seeing, being, and doing that engages moral imagination, inspires moral courage, and implores moral action. Join us as we partner to tackle the world’s most intractable social problems in solidarity with those most impacted.

Suzanne Shanahan, Ph.D.

Leo and Arlene Hawk Executive Director, Center for Social Concerns

Suzanne Shanahan, Ph.D.