Welcome to the Center for Social Concerns, an interdisciplinary institute dedicated to justice education and research for the common good with communities near and far.

For forty years the Center for Social Concerns has been animated by the conviction that a just world is a beautiful world.

In 1983, a small group of dedicated faculty and students founded the Center, putting their research and education to work as a force for good in the world. Since then the Center has engaged in innovative experiments in the classroom, in scholarship, and in collaboration with communities everywhere. We have partnered with 30,000 students and 600 community-based organizations in the work of justice and have grown into a much larger interdisciplinary community of faculty, staff, students, and community members.

We continue to advance the dignity and wellbeing of all people—especially the marginalized—by promoting flourishing communities both locally and globally through a mix of moral inquiry, research, arts engagement, and action. We are Notre Dame’s interdisciplinary scholarly home for justice inspired by Catholic social tradition.

Suzanne Shanahan, Ph.D.

Leo and Arlene Hawk Executive Director, Center for Social Concerns

Suzanne Shanahan, Ph.D.