Common Good Initiative

The center offers engaged scholarship opportunities for graduate students by facilitating collaboration with local community partners and agencies worldwide to create engaged teaching, learning, research, and service opportunities. Through the center, graduate and professional students take courses and attend workshops, teach undergraduates, and secure funding for research. The goal is to integrate engagement, outreach, and public scholarship opportunities with students’ disciplinary expertise. The center’s home, Geddes Hall, also offers graduate students space to study or meet as a group.

Graduate Justice Fellowship

The Center for Social Concerns has launched a new graduate fellowship program designed to engage graduate students from around the University and from any disciplinary perspective on questions of justice. In August the center selected 14 Graduate Justice Fellows from three colleges, two schools, and 11 departments around the University.

Graduate Student Institute for Engaged Research and Teaching (October 17–19)

Designed for graduate students in all fields at all levels who want to apply their disciplinary approach and tools to questions of justice. The institute will introduce graduate students to principles and effective models of public scholarship and community engagement.