Catholic Social Tradition (CST) Minor

The Catholic Social Tradition Minor is an interdisciplinary minor in the College of Arts and Letters. Since its inception in 1997, it has been committed to providing undergraduate students with a deeper understanding of the social ramifications of the Catholic faith by drawing on the wealth of resources of Catholic social tradition (CST) as found in the official documents of the Church and the experience of the Catholic community.

CST offers a long-standing history of thought and teaching that draws upon classical texts and tradition in the full range of social spheres–economic, political, religious, cultural, and familial. It does so through a constellation of concepts that, taken as a whole, give articulation to a coherent yet variegated vision of the good society, a vision that serves as a guide for human and institutional behavior. Such concepts include the Common Good, Rights and Responsibilities, Option for the Poor, Subsidiarity, and Peace.

A key thesis of CST is that the pursuit of truth, the life of faith, and the practice of justice are not limited to those who have made a formal commitment to ministry in the Church but are essential elements of the vocation of every Christian in every state of life and profession (Gaudium et Spes #43). 

We welcome inquiries from students, faculty, and visitors and invite you to explore the CST website. If you have questions about the CST minor, please contact Director Margaret Pfeil.