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Inclusivity, change, and hope

Inclusivity, change, and hope By: Mary Ellen Woods ’80 May 16, 2024 “It’s hard to imagine that’s how the school (ND) was in the past, so it’s interesting to think about how much more it will change over time.” Notre Dame in the mid-1980s was a different place. New to coeducation, women comprised less than […]

Women at the Center for Social Concerns: A story of 50 years

Women at the Center for Social Concerns: A story of 50 years By: Mary Ellen Woods ’80 October 9, 2023 Today’s alumni story is grounded in history. As I write it, we are celebrating 50 years of coeducation at Our Lady’s University. More broadly, the country is marking 50 years of Title IX, the foundational […]

Resonance: A Virtual Alumni Conversation

Resonance: A Virtual Alumni Conversation By: Mary Ellen Woods ’80 February 27, 2023 I have found that perspective–time and distance–offer special lenses that inform. We can look back in time and see how our experiences have evolved and how we understand those experiences given our present circumstances. In that light, I convened a virtual conversation […]

Geddes Hall

The center next door

The center next door By: Mary Ellen Woods ’80 September 1, 2022 It was a fine spring day. You know the kind. The sky is the color of Notre Dame’s blue and the day so resplendent you think that everything you touch may just turn into gold. I exited Geddes Hall–by the side door for some […]