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Nativity School

The Nativity School of Worcester is an independent Jesuit middle school for inner-city boys living in the vulnerable neighborhoods of Worcester. The SSLP student assists in the administrative planning of the summer program for the 5th - 8th grade boys and assists the teachers in the delivery of the program.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Petersburg and Wrangell are both fishing communities located on islands in Southeast Alaska. The student will be works with the St. Catherine of Siena and St. Rose of Lima Parishes in the planning, implementation, and coordination of a Vacation Bible School (grades K-8). Additionally, students assists in minor repairs, landscaping, and upkeep of the parishes as needed.

Student Responsibilities:

Tenley Achievement Program (TAP)

The Tenley Achievement Program (TAP) is an academic and character development program for inner city boys, grades 3-10. During the summer the program offers academic classes, a sports league and daily mentoring. The student prepares the curriculum the first two weeks and then teaches one of the grades of children and assists with after-care.

Student Responsibilities:

Gwen's Girls

Gwen's Girls was founded by Gwendolyn Elliott, who as a police officer recognized a lack of understanding for the complexity of the needs of at-risk girls and that the existing services fell short of meeting these gender-specific needs. The student at this site serves as a counselor at a summer camp for girls ages 8 to 18. She supervises the girls as they participate in fine arts classes as well as classes that promote positive self esteem, healthy relationships, and belief in the boundless potential they have for the future.

Breakthrough Houston

At Breakthrough Houston, we envision a day when all children will have equal access to quality education and teachers committed to their academic success. We believe that the middle-school years are the critical crossroads where students make choices that dramatically affect their futures. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. The SSLP student serves as a 7th grade Texas History Teacher, developing lesson plans to challenge, inspire and reach out to the students.

Student Responsibilities:

Assumption Center- St. Peter's Parish

The Assumption Center houses various ministries. Through the connection to St. Peter's and St. Andrew's Parishes, the Center provides programming for the Main South community. The Center offers afternoon mentoring, ESL courses for adults, individualized tutoring, a public spiritual library, a food pantry, and teen programming. The student's main responsibilities are ESL tutoring and vacation activities for local teen girls.

Student Responsibilities:

Clelian Heights School for Exceptional Children & Union Mission

The mission of Clelian Heights is to provide spiritual, educational, vocational, and residential programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities that enhance the quality of life and maximize their potential for independent living. At Clelian Heights the student works in a classroom helping the children with math and reading and chaperoning field trips and recess.

Crotona Center

The Crotona Center offers boys entering grades 4 through 10 an opportunity to develop their character and improve academic ability during the summer. The boys are presented with fun, academic classes that teach material ahead of their regular grade level, and take part in activities such as chess, games, current-events discussions, athletics, art, music, and drama. The ND student prepares for each day's activities, and calls the parents of each student periodically.

Student Responsibilities:

Youth Leadership Foundation: PALS

The Youth Leadership Foundation provides summer and academic year programs for elementary and middle school students that involve classes, tutoring, sports and character mentoring. The student teaches 7th -10th grade girls in courses such as English or Drama. Before the program begins the student serves as a general office assistant prepping for the program and helping to recruit new students.

Student Responsibilities:

Stewart Home School

Much more than a school, Stewart Home & School offers an amazing variety of daily activities and delivers support, encouragement and friendship for individuals of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The school serves about 350 individuals who attend classes daily and participate in organized activities. The student serves as a substitute teacher in the classroom and also supervises and participates in recreational activities.

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