A Monthly Publication of Virtues & Vocations, Good Work Considers Examples From Different Institutions That Are Addressing Issues of Virtue and Vocation Through Curricular and Co-Curricular Initiatives.

A Living Learning Community for Flourishing

December 2022

KNN Moves to Expand the Conversation around Flourishing in Medicine

November 2022

More than an Internship: The Calling and Purpose in Society Fellowship

October 2022

Engaging Students in an Educational Conversation

September 2022

Ethics at Work: An Interdisciplinary Approach

August 2022

Working Across Disciplines for Character Across the Curriculum

May 2022

Life Worth Living and the Purpose of Higher Education

April 2022

Higher Education throughout Life’s Journey

March 2022

From Journalism to Business: Cultivating Virtues through Different Disciplines at OU

February 2022


December 2021

The Narratives Project: Using Stories to Pursue Purpose and Possibility

November 2021

Cultivating Public Responsibility in Engineering Students

October 2021

Mercer Law School Requires Virtue Ethics First-Year Course

September 2021

Making Caring Common through Innovations in Higher Education

August 2021

Re-Imagining Tech Fellowship Encourages Engineering and Computer Science Students Toward Moral Purpose in Work

July 2021

Virtual Events Worth Revisiting

June 2021

Race and the Professions

May 2021

UVA Equips Student-Athletes to Promote Flourishing

April 2021

Exploring Social Justice, Empathy and Engineering Pedagogy

March 2021

Moral Moments in Medicine

February 2021

An Engineering Prototype for Life

January 2021

Examining Honesty

December 2020

What Does Empathy Have To Do With Engineering?

November 2020