Spanish CBL Ongoing Projects

Day of the Dead

Inspired by the Center for Social Concerns' Community Engagement Faculty Institute and funded by Notre Dame's Teaching Beyond the Classroom grants, students from Associate Teaching Professors Elena Mangione-Lora and Tatiana Botero’s classes host John Adams High School’s advanced level Spanish classes for a Day of the Dead activity. Cecilia Stanton-Verduzco, from John Adams High School, worked with us to plan the full-day, Spanish-only event. All students actively participate in guided conversations, presentations, music performances, and a community meal. Participation not only encourages rigorous academic production from university and high school students alike, but also builds on a continued relationship with our wonderful community partner. We have been organizing this event annually since 2013, and it is a highlight of the fall semester as indicated by Notre Dame and John Adams High School students in their course evaluations. We are grateful for Cecilia Stanton-Verduzco's tireless work in growing the event as we now invite classes from two additional teachers, Becky Hernandez and Joel Krueger.

St. Vincent DePaul’s Christmas Basket Program

Students can participate in a short term service opportunity with 2–4 contact times in October–December by assisting Spanish-speaking parents to sign up for the Christmas Basket Program through St. Vincent DePaul. For students who are interested, there is a required orientation program in late September; family sign-ups are usually the week after fall break (9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday–Friday at 520 Crescent Avenue). Students can help for a minimum two-hour time slot during family sign-ups and with a possible 2–3 follow-up phone calls per family as needed to clarify information. Delivery dates for Christmas baskets are end of November through mid-December. For more information, contact Mary Eme, or 574-234-6000, ext. 12126.