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The Center for Social Concerns invites students to consider a year or two of postgraduate service.   Volunteering full-time after graduation can be a great way to explore an interest or express a passion, expand your skills and knowledge, and serve others. Postgraduate Service in NOT a year or two "off"--it is hard work with people who have great needs.  Although you will give more than you thought possible working for Americorps, Peace Corps, or one of the hundreds of faith-based service organizations, you will gain much more than you can imagine. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?  This site includes resources about programs, reflections from alumni, and information on the process of choosing postgraduate service. 

Questions?  Contact Karen Manier, or 574/631-3925.

WhAT IS SErvice?


Read these alum profiles for a glimpse of life as a full-time volunteer.

Jade Bowman, '15 Anthropology Major

Service Site: Precious Blood Volunteers, KC Care Clinic, Kansas City

"Over the course of these past three months in Kansas City, I've grown into a better me....Some would be intimidated by the prospect of moving to another city to volunteer without any peers.... I knew, however, that this would give me an opportunity to flex my independence muscles and figure out who I am and what I like, really. ...I’ve had some rough days at work, but the good days more than make up for those where I am tired, stressed or frustrated. Thus far, my most profound experiences at the clinic have been the interactions I have with patients." Read more of Jade's story.

Ryan Majsak, '15 Accounting and Psychology Majors

Service Site: Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Eviction Defense Collaborative, San Francisco

"Unlike the typical corporate jobs that I would have started if I hadn’t joined JVC, through my placement helping low-income tenants fight their evictions, I have the opportunity to make significant positive impact on others’ lives every day. The victories are wonderful and the defeats can be crushing, but the involvement allows me to feel intense emotions and put my whole self into my work. This is both a rewarding and challenging opportunity." Read more about Ryan's experience, including being part of a community and simple living. 


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  • Money matters: Loan deferment or forbearance
  • Marketability and Career Path


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