Signs of the Times #50: Making Science Accessible to All During COVID-19

When Dr. Cara Ocobock, Assistant Professor in Anthropology at Notre Dame, began looking for science kits for her niece she was disappointed in the lack of scientific rigor in the options on the market. She created her own and named it “Ruby’s Laboratory Manual” after her niece, along with each experiment she included a profile of a woman scientist. When the science kit went viral on Twitter she teamed up with Morgan Munsen, a fourth year graduate student in Psychology at Notre Dame, and the Science Policy Initiative for a project called “Making at-home science and representation accessible to low-income students during COVID-19.” A project supported by the Center, it sought to address the educational backslide students experience due to COVID-19 with no-cost science kits for at-home enrichment and entertainment.

Article by featuring Cara’s project:

Photo provided by University of Notre Dame Office of Media Relations