CST Colloquium: A Theological Response to Mass Incarceration

CST 23480

This course is an exploration of the theological perspectives that shape our views on incarceration and will provide the context for the formation of a theologically informed response to the realities and injustices perpetuated by the U.S. system of incarceration. Special attention is paid to Catholic engagement on incarceration. Students will be asked to reflect and imagine restorative interventions and ways in which a theologically oriented approach to incarceration questions systems and structures. Final projects could include engagement with connected issues such as: the school-to-prison pipeline, the experience of returning citizens, mandatory minimums, parole systems, private prisons (and investment in them), and more.

Class Dates: Fridays 9:00–11:00 a.m.; January 27–March 10
Instructor: Adam Gustine
Credits: 1
Associated Term: Spring 2023