Korey Garibaldi

Assistant Professor of American Studies

May 9, 2018; Korey Garibaldi (Photo by Barbara Johnston/University of Notre Dame)

Department of American Studies

Korey Garibaldi studies the social and intellectual history of the United States and Europe (18th to 20th centuries), with particular interests ranging from the Victorian novelist Henry James to Russia’s national poet, Aleksandr Pushkin. His courses focus on histories of citizenship, imperialism, cultural and economic thought, and the African diaspora.

Garibaldi’s first book, Impermanent Blackness: The Making and Unmaking of Interracial Literary Culture in Modern America was published in 2023 by Princeton University Press. This study examines and reinterprets the intermittent flourishing of cross-racial industrial print production underpinning the genre now commonly celebrated as African American literature. Impermanent Blackness shows how innumerable professional and technological challenges to the publishing industry’s color line, now taken for granted, were once central to the promotion of cosmopolitan habits and mentalities during the first seven decades of the 20th century.