Human Development, Human Flourishing

CSC 33311

This course will draw from multiple perspectives to foster a deep appreciation of human development and flourishing. Human development is complex and fragile, yet many splendored. Assumptions about human nature and capacities have critical and moral implications for how we create institutions (family life, education) and systems (policy, government). The challenge is to develop an integrated and ecological understanding of development in the context of human flourishing. We will begin with research in positive psychology on human development, considering the growth of reasoning, identity, moral imagination, and behavior. We will broaden the frame to include understanding of human capabilities from the perspectives of faith (including the principles of Catholic social teaching), culture, and work. Students interested in social change will benefit from a deeper understanding of human development and related research, discussed in a seminar format. Students will draw from their own developmental journeys and current engagements while exploring means to foster human flourishing in future contexts.

Class dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:00 a.m–12:15 p.m
Instructor: Jay Brandenberger
Credits: 3
Associated Term: Fall 2024