Hospitality Team

The center’s work depends upon a vibrant community and the center’s hospitality team is instrumental in creating and sustaining that. They share a commitment to the center’s mission and values and open the door for center guests to learn more about justice education, research for the common good, and conversations that matter. They can answer questions about our courses, programs, and events; put you in touch with center faculty and staff; and guide you through our website or show you around the building.

Isaac Bernsten

What’s up! I am Isaac Bernsten, a junior in Siegfried majoring in Program of Liberal Studies and minoring in Public Service. I am from Rockford, Illinois. I have participated in Appalachia twice, once as a leader and once as a student, as well as Solidarity in the City in the spring. I’ll be leading another Appalachia trip this fall as well! The center has given me life-changing experiences and lifelong friendships, so feel free to ask me any questions about what it can offer you! Or about anything at all! Catch me here Monday through Wednesday and Saturdays.

Breana Boies

My name is Breana Boies and I am from a small part of Florida between Daytona Beach and Orlando (the best of both worlds!) I am currently a Theology major here at Notre Dame living in Cavanaugh Hall (roll chaos!) Notre Dame is an incredibly special place and I am thrilled to be part of the wonderful community in Geddes Hall. I am involved in various groups at Notre Dame such as Campus Ministry, the Scholars Program, and of course, the Center for Social Concerns. I love meeting new people and assisting students and faculty in any way that I can, so I hope to see you around! I am always down for a lovely life chat. 

Ava Downey

My name is Ava Downey and I am a senior Economics major with  minors in History and Real Estate. I am originally from San Diego, California, but on campus I call Walsh Hall home. On campus, I am involved in various CSC programs, the Higgins Labor Program, Matriculate, Mercy Works, and the Sheedy Family Program of Economy, Enterprise and Society. Outside of class and extracurriculars, I love exploring South Bend!

Cora Eaton

My name is Cora Eaton and I am a senior from Falls Church, Virginia. I am planning to major in Political Science with minors in Chinese and the Hesburgh Minor in Public Service. I am on the executive board for Bookstore Basketball, and am also involved in the Student Policy Network. In my spare time I like to read and go to the gym. I was introduced to the CSC by a friend and I have come to love the community that the center has built. It’s an amazing experience to be involved with an organization so committed to bettering everyone around them.

Diana García

Hi! My name is Diana (dee-ah-nuh) García and I’m a senior studying Neuroscience with a minor in Computing and Digital Technologies. On campus, I lived in Breen-Phillips (go babes!) but am now living off-campus. The Center for Social Concerns is my favorite organization at ND and I’ve been pretty involved my whole time here. I’ve participated in the Appalachia immersion, two summer programs, and have taken some seminars. Needless to say, I’m so happy to be on the Hospitality Team! Outside of school, I enjoy reading, rock climbing, playing guitar, and crocheting!

Tess Gilmore

My name is Tess Gilmore and I am a sophomore studying Global Affairs. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but here on campus I live in Breen-Phillips! I love the outdoors, running, and of course baking! Stop by Geddes on Sunday evenings, I’ll be making fresh brownies! I am so excited to be involved with the center this year and I can’t wait to get to know new faces around campus.

Chrís Hernández

Hey y’all! My name is Chrís Hernández and I’m a senior living in Keenan Hall. I am from Nashville, Tennessee, and I am studying anthropology. I have been working at the Center for Social Concerns since my sophomore year. Outside of the center, I also work as a research assistant in the department of anthropology. In this research we aim to understand the determinants and structures which produce the unequal cesarean rates among indigenous mothers in Mexico. I am also involved in a non-profit organization (I4RH) which advocates for reproductive justice and health on campus and in the broader South Bend community.

Emily Joseph

Hello! My name is Emily Joseph and I am a sophomore living in Pasquerilla West Hall. I am from Roanoke, Virginia, and I’m studying Strategic Consulting. This is my first year working at the center and I hope to continue until I graduate. My goal is to go to law school and become an attorney working in big law and the entertainment industry. I am also involved in several clubs at ND, the Black Business Association, Shades of Ebony and the ND Real Estate Club.