Asset-Based Community Development

CSC 33309

This one credit course is an introduction to the philosophy and practice of asset based community development (ABCD) as a distinct approach to seeking the Common Good and creating social change. As a course designed to explore the question — What does it look like to create meaningful change at the local level? — students will gain understanding of the development of ABCD, engage with models and variations of implementation, interact with local practitioners employing ABCD-styled strategies on the ground, and learn tools for pursuing the Common Good in community. Throughout the semester, students will work collaboratively to envision localized, nuanced implementation of general ABCD principles. Students will leave this course with a capacity to understand localized root causes of inequity and a deepened appreciation for the possibility of social change in a given community.

Class Dates: Fridays 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Instructor: Adam Gustine
Credits: 1
Associated TermFall 2023