Spanish Community-Based Learning

Students who are interested in using Spanish skills and developing intercultural competence can participate in community­-based learning (CBL) in a variety of local, national, and international options. 

"The Spanish and service combination has been responsible for so much of my personal growth and many of my fondest memories during college."  ~ Elizabeth Hillman, recipient of the 2016 Mara Fox Award

Spanish CBL opportunities

> Intermediate and advanced level CBL courses in Spanish integrate working with South Bend Latino organizations into coursework.

> Social concerns seminars such as Migrant Experiences and Border Issues, as well as the Summer Service Learning Program and International Summer Service Learning Program offer learning opportunities in Latino communities or Spanish­ speaking countries.

> Study abroad programs offer CBL courses in Chile, Mexico, and Spain. 

Spanish CBL Awards

Spanish CBL is an award winning program that has received state­ level recognition for faculty, students, and community partners. Students who participate in Spanish CBL are eligible to be recognized with Spanish Service Awards on campus.