Signs of the Times #27: Recognizing the Dignity of Work in the Appalachian Region ft. Brandon Dennison

Listening to those closest to both the challenges and the beauty of the Appalachian region is critical to the success of a more diversified and stable local economy. Brandon Dennison, CEO and Founder of Coalfield Development, understands this better than most. Born and raised in Southern West Virginia coal country he founded Coalfield Development to be a non-profit that incubates social enterprises like a sustainable construction company, a furniture shop that uses reclaimed wood, a solar installation company, a sustainable agriculture company, and a sustainable clothing company. Using these innovative businesses Coalfield Development is able to put unemployed people back to work. Coalfield Development is creating jobs for people that are more than just a job but rather a career, a vocation, an identity, and an opportunity to expand what work has perhaps meant to them.