CSC 23915

Are you a current first-year student? Then NDBridge may be for you!

NDBridge is a one-credit course and an eight-week immersive summer experience where students think hard about injustice, work with communities around the world that face it, and consider their responsibility to the common good while at Notre Dame and beyond.

Students selected to participate in the NDBridge summer program enroll in this course exploring the ethics of encounter in local, domestic, and global contexts. Students will develop their awareness of what justice looks like in society, how systemic injustice is perpetuated by division, self centeredness, apathy, etc., and a growing sense of their role as agents of social change. Previously held ideas around identity, politics, and culture will be interrogated. The course will enable students to competently practice contemplation and action, as informed by the principles of ethical encounter, personally and professionally.

Class Dates: Mondays, 6:00–8:00 p.m. (first class will meet February 19, 2024)
Summer Dates: June 3–July 26, 2024
Instructor: Emily Garvey

Application required. If accepted, contact Jhaylee Busby at jbusby@nd.edu for approval to register.

Credits: 1
Associated Term: Spring 2024

Crosslisted with: CST 23915, PS 23915