Racial Justice in America

CSC 33304

Racial Justice in America is focused on the historic and current impact of racial injustice and the urgency of the work of racial justice today. Racial Justice in America will invite course participants to consider how the stories of the struggle for racial justice in the United States shapes our imaginations for the work of racial justice today. The centerpiece of this course is a required spring break immersion to major civil rights locations in the South. Additionally, students will read/reflect on how we tell the stories of racism in the United States and will create their own narrative/reflective account of their experience with racism and the civil rights movement sites.

Class Dates: There are no class meetings. There is a required immersion over Spring Break which will take place sometime between the dates of March 9-17, 2024. Exact dates will be provided to students in late January 2024.

Instructor: Suzanne Shanahan and William Tobin
Application Process: There is no application for this course.

Credits: 1
Associated Term: Spring 2024

Crosslisted with: CST 33304, PS 33304, CHR 30726, ILS 33805