Mind and Society: Cognitive Science and Justice

CSC 33310

This course explores the interaction of thinking and action for justice, of cognitive science and social change. In this contested moment, how might we examine the ideas with which we think as we envision social transformation and work toward solidarity and the common good? We will draw from psychology and neuroscience to understand how to overcome attribution errors, implicit bias, and motivated reasoning in work to promote justice. We will examine how assumptions about knowledge and our theories of mind impact our communication and work, and explore epistemic justice (who is invited to the table of knowledge). We will explore, in seminar format, means to promote intellectual humility, ethical imagination, practical wisdom, and commitment to action. Students will be encouraged to learn through experience and community engagement, and apply the lessons of the course in their own journeys.

The course will meet frequently at the IUSB Civil Rights Heritage Center in South Bend. (Travel arrangements to be made.)

Class Dates: Tuesdays, 3:30–6:15 p.m.
Instructor: Jay Brandenberger
Credits: 3
Associated Term: Fall 2024

Crosslisted with: CST 33310, PSY 30696