Geddes Hall LEED Features

Water Use Reduction

The use of low flow showers, sinks, urinals, and dual-flush toilets will result in a 45.6% reduction below baseline.

Optimized Energy Performance

Includes high performance wall and roof insulation, windows with low-E glazing, efficient fluorescent lighting, and the use of reflective white membrane on the flat portion of the roof, which reduces heat gain in the summer. Expected energy reduction is approximately 24.5% below baseline.

Low-Emitting Materials

Adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, and carpets must be low VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Regional Materials

10% extracted, processed, and manufactured regionally: The regional materials used include cast stone, brick, gypsum, concrete, and steel.

Recycled Content

10% post-consumer + 50% pre-consumer content was used in the construction of the building. The recycled materials used include cork, ceiling tiles, carpet, fly ash, gypsum wallboard, and steel.

Water-Efficient Landscaping

The weather station and sprinkler control system will work together to prevent the sprinkler heads from going off when the grass has already had enough water. Drip irrigation is being used in all landscaping beds. Expected reduction is 58.5% below baseline.

Alternative Transportation

Includes bicycle storage, changing rooms with shower, and designated parking for fuel-efficient vehicles