Community-Based Research Funding

Community-based research is a collaborative effort between academic researchers and non-academy based community members that aims to generate social action and positive social change through the use of multiple knowledge sources and research methods. Ideally, the research questions originate from off-campus communities and the process involves meaningful participation by all partners in every stage of the research. Our support for this type of scholarship takes several forms.

Seed Grant, Graduate Student Stipend, and Undergraduate Prize

Each year, the center supports teams of Notre Dame faculty, area community partners, and students to do research on an issue of concern to a community partner. To obtain a grant, assurance must be offered that each partner in the team has a specified, meaningful role in the research, and that results obtained will be applied to make a difference locally. The center also offers stipends to graduate students and prizes to undergraduates who are also engaged in community-based research in the area. These are just three of the ways in which the Center invests in community-academic partnerships that pay big dividends toward the common good.

Faculty, community members, and students are encouraged to contact Danielle Wood to assist them in the proposal development process or for more information on these community-based research opportunities.

Collaborative Community-Based Research Seed Grant

The center offers a seed grant in the amount of $7,000 to support joint faculty-student-community research partnerships addressing a need articulated by the community organization. This grant may support the planning and development of new projects, the expansion of existing ones, or the evaluation of on-going or previously completed projects.


Graduate Student Community-Based Research Stipend

Proposals are sought specifically for projects facilitated by graduate students. Proposals will follow the same criteria as for other seed grants except there will be no need to provide a budget for the proposed project as funds granted will go to the income of the graduate student project facilitator in the amount of $3,000.

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Undergraduate Student Community-Based Research Prize

The center offers prizes to undergraduates students who are engaged in community-based research in South Bend or the surrounding area.

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Ganey Faculty Community-Based Research Award (2012-2016)

The Rodney F. Ganey, Ph.D. Faculty Community-Based Research Award was a $5,000 prize presented annually to a regular Notre Dame faculty member for research done in collaboration with community partners and addressing a social challenge in the South Bend or surrounding area.