Community Fellows 2021 - Velshonna Luckey

Velshonna Luckey

Velshonna Luckey is a native of Detroit, Michigan. In 2002 she and her husband moved to South Bend, Indiana where she began working for the TRiO Upward Bound Program at the University of Notre Dame. In 2006, Velshonna joined the University of Notre Dame’s Robinson Community Learning Center. She quickly became known for her loving yet, no-nonsense approach to helping families dream big, while believing their dedication and hard work would help bring them great success. 

Velshonna graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. In 2009 she earned a Master of Science in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and a certification in Non-Profit Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame. In 2011 Velshonna received the Presidential Values Award from the University of Notre Dame. In 2014, she received the Indiana Torchbearer Award, from Indiana Commission for Women. This award recognizes women who “become true beacons of light in their community and their stories of courage, perseverance, and compassion create a lasting legacy of inspiration”. In 2016, Velshonna became an Executive Journey Fellow, which is funded by the Lilly Endowment Inc. Fellows are awarded individual renewal scholarships and are supported by fellow youth workers around the state of Indiana. In April of 2018, Velshonna Luckey resigned from the University of Notre Dame and started Pendulum Consulting, LLC, which focuses on Executive Coaching of underrepresented professionals and assisting organizations serving youth and their families. In December 2018, she joined United Way of St. Joseph County, serving as their Director of Outreach and Partnership Development.


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