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A monthly publication of virtues & vocations, Good Thought pieces showcase scholars from various disciplines reflecting on how issues of virtue and vocation intersect with their work in higher education.

May 2024

In his reflection on "Training Happy Warriors," James E. Coleman, Jr. discusses ways he engages law students to cultivate a deep sense of purpose. "We tell our students that they will face many opportunities in their careers to act with courage and integrity, sometimes against prevailing winds," he said.

April 2024

Carolyn Woo explores purpose and love through her own story in her recent essay for Virtues & Vocations. She writes, "It is not beyond us to know whom we love, what we love, and how we will love in return. It is our story—evolving, gripping, empowering, and sanctifying." Read more.

March 2024

Physicians James and Margaret Plews-Ogan apply their years of research on practical wisdom to their lives since James' ALS diagnosis. They share how their own sense of purpose has changed, and provide ways of reimagining the possibilities for virtue within loss and grief.

February 2024

This month we are excited to release the next issue of our bi-annual magazine, Virtues & Vocations: Higher Education for Human Flourishing. This issue focuses on Purpose, with articles reflecting on education, the professions, and personal journeys of vocation and meaning.

January 2024

In this month's feature, Mary Gentile writes about the genesis of Giving Voice to Values and the ways it is grounded in hope. She writes, "our duty is to be hopeful enough to drive creativity, commitment, and action toward values-driven choices."

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