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A monthly publication of virtues & vocations, Good Thought pieces showcase scholars from various disciplines reflecting on how issues of virtue and vocation intersect with their work in higher education.

November 2023
Victor M. Montori, MD

his month we invite you to consider physican Victor Montori's reflection on the connection between hope and care. Montori writes, "The possibility of better emerges from the action of people who choose to care. ... Care engenders hope."

October 2023

This fall at Virtues & Vocations, we have been exploring the virtue of hope. It is always timely, but feels even more pressing at this moment. We invite you to listen in on our conversation with Jonathan Lear on the ramifications of radical hope in his work and life since he published the seminal book nearly 20 years ago.

September 2023
Benjamin J. Elliott LTC, MI

Benjamin Elliott argues that the position of educator is much more than a deliverer of intellectual virtue and in order to change education for the better, we must understand that a more noble purpose than knowledge transfer exists.


August 2023
Suzanne Shanahan

This month we launch the new issue of Virtues & Vocations: Higher Education for Human Flourishing. In 12 essays written by scholars from around the country, an interview with philosopher Jonathan Lear, an art essay, and select poetry, hope is engaged as a virtue and as a vocation.

May 2023

In this article from Virtues&Vocations: Higher Education for Human Flourishing, Stanley Hauerwas reflects on "Callings" and the relationship between virtues and vocations.

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