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Holy Cross Ministries Summer Program

The Holy Cross Ministries summer program provides educational classes and recreational activities for participating youth. The focus is to improve reading levels and enhance the learning of the regular school year. Other activities are also offered, like arts and crafts, dancing, field games, sports, and visits to the library. The students serve as counselors who organize academic and reading activities, coordinate arts and crafts, hikes, and other summer activities for the children.

Nativity Academy at St. Boniface

School's Mission Statement: "Nativity Academy at St. Boniface is an independent Catholic middle school that transforms the lives of students who have a commitment to achievement and whose families demonstrate financial need."

Gwen's Girls

Gwen’s Girls was founded by Gwendolyn Elliott, who as a police officer recognized a lack of understanding for the complexity of the needs of at-risk girls and that the existing services fell short of meeting these gender-specific needs. The student at this site serves as a counselor at a summer camp for girls ages 8 to 18. She supervises the girls as they participate in fine arts classes as well as classes that promote positive self esteem, healthy relationships, and belief in the boundless potential they have for the future.

Clelian Heights School for Exceptional Children

Clelian Heights is an educational, residential, and vocational facility for children and adults with developmental disabilities where the student spends four weeks. At Clelian Heights the student works in a classroom helping the children with math and reading and chaperoning field trips and recess. The SSLP student assists in the classroom for four weeks and for the other four weeks, works at a different site called Union Mission that provides shelter to homeless men.

Sisters Academy of Baltimore

Sisters Academy of Baltimore educates girls of different races, ethnic groups, and religions, from families of limited economic means. The vision of the Academy is that the graduates will be well-educated, self-assured, spiritual and committed young women who will be leaders who make a difference. The student assists during the last two weeks of the regular school year and then works as part of a team to plan to implement "New Frontiers." This is the summer program for our incoming fifth graders. The student teaches Team Building and P.E.

El Centrito Family Learning Centers

El Centrito Family Learning Centers is a nonprofit that promotes the educational success of Ventura County’s children, youth & families by providing high-quality, multicultural programs, including: early childhood education, summer and after school enrichment, and parent leadership opportunities. The agency addresses participants’ educational needs in a bilingual community setting and provides an environment that nurtures relationships and builds trust and confidence.

Clark Park

Surrounded by historic homes, schools, busy shops, and local services, Clark Park is 30 acres of landscaped and playscaped green space in the heart of Mexicantown in southwest Detroit. For years, the park has been the cornerstone and town square of the neighborhood. It provides a safe haven for everyone -- a place where kids, families, and seniors unwind, explore, and participate in many different activities, including team sports. It remains the community's anchor, providing four seasons of programming for thousands of young people.

Christ the King Prep

Christ the King is a Catholic, college preparatory high school in Newark, New Jersey providing a quality education for young men and women with limited economic resources. Christ the King welcomes students of all faiths and cultural heritages. Christ the King promotes academic achievement, professionalism, and virtuous character through a challenging core curriculum and innovative work-study program for the purposes of transforming society.

De La Salle Blackfeet School

De La Salle Blackfeet School is a San Miguel School operated by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, for 4th -8th grade boys and girls who live on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. The school is open to all faiths and cultures, is not tuition driven, and serves a predominately at-risk population. It is committed to providing a quality, innovative, and faith based education to empower its students to become successful learners and participants in the shaping of their community.