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Swope Summer Academic Camp-Upper Room

In 2007, a study by Johns Hopkins University ranked our Summer Academic Program as one of the best summer reading programs in the country. In 1999, we started with one church and 90 students. Today, the Upper Room offers an eight-week summer reading camp for over 2,000 high-poverty children who use the summer to make substantial academic gains. In a district where reading proficiency scores fall consistently below those of neighboring districts, children who participate in the program read as high as two grade levels above their peers.

Gwen's Girls

Gwen’s Girls was founded by Gwendolyn Elliott, who as a police officer recognized a lack of understanding for the complexity of the needs of at-risk girls and that the existing services fell short of meeting these gender-specific needs. The student at this site serves as a counselor at a summer camp for girls ages 8 to 18. She supervises the girls as they participate in fine arts classes as well as classes that promote positive self esteem, healthy relationships, and belief in the boundless potential they have for the future.

Sarasota County Campaign for Grade-Level Reading through a 2Gen Lens

In 2012, Alta Vista Elementary School launched Eagle Academy, a free summer program for children entering Kindergarten. Over the years this program grew, evolving into a model program with incredible outcomes for both children and their parents. Today, four of Sarasota’s highest poverty elementary schools (based on free/reduced numbers), offer a free 6 week summer program to children with a weekly Parent University. New students have the opportunity to become acclimated to their school while existing students continue to hone skills that they need to be effective learners.

ACE PATH Middle School Summer Educational Equity Program

St. John the Evangelist and Santa Cruz provide a Catholic education of the highest quality to as many children as possible in under-served and predominantly Latino communities. Notre Dame’s ACE PATH program emphasizes continuous improvement to achieve the school-wide goal of “College and Heaven” by providing middle school students with the opportunity to enroll in a summer program in addition to the college persistence counseling students and graduates receive during the year.

Cristo Rey Newark

Cristo Rey Newark High School is a Catholic, college preparatory high school in Newark, New Jersey providing a quality education for young men and women with limited economic resources. Cristo Rey Newark welcomes students of all faiths and cultural heritages. Cristo Rey Newark promotes academic achievement, professionalism, and virtuous character through a challenging core curriculum and innovative work-study program for the purposes of transforming society.

Clark Park - Holy Redeemer Grade School - Manna Meal

Surrounded by historic homes, schools, busy shops, and local services, Clark Park is 30 acres of landscaped and playscaped green space in the heart of Mexicantown in southwest Detroit. For years, the park has been the cornerstone and town square of the neighborhood. It provides a safe haven for everyone -- a place where kids, families, and seniors unwind, explore, and participate in many different activities, including team sports. It remains the community's anchor, providing four seasons of programming for thousands of young people.

Cabbage Patch Settlement House, Inc. & Nativity Academy at St. Boniface

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, Inc. (“The Patch”) is a non-profit, Christian organization that exists to empower families and children to be self-sufficient by helping them maximize their spiritual, social, emotional, physical, moral, economic and educational potential. It is a grassroots program. This is our 108th year of serving the Louisville area's at risk children and their families.

Guadalupe Center

The mission of the Guadalupe Center is to break the cycle of poverty through education for the children of Immokalee.

UCP of Central Florida

United Cerebral Palsey (UCP) of Central Florida was originally formed in 1955 to serve young children with cerebral palsy. Since then we have evolved to serve children with a variety of disabilities in a SET (Support, Education and Therapy) services. Our education programs are inclusive - serving children with and without disabilities. The SSLP student is able to work with our services, in summer program classrooms, which include day care for pre-k and below children with and without disabilities, voluntary pre-kindergarden program, and summer camp for our elementary students.

Nativity Miguel Middle School of Buffalo

Since September 2004, NativityMiguel has provided its students the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through education. Many of our students had failed at school and were ready to give up. Today, students at our St. Monica Campus for young women and St. Augustine Campus for young men embrace the programs we offer in order to prepare for success in high school and beyond. The SSLP student assists with programming at the St. Augustine Campus. Our graduates attend many of the area’s top public and private high schools and are continuing onto college.

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