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The Loyola School

The Loyola School is a busy and happy location with children from low-income families. The children are energetic, engaged and love to be at school. The parents are required to participate in the daily activities at the school which leads to a strong sense of community. We have monthly parent classes to discuss topics such as nutrition, health, wellness, spirituality and financial responsibility.

Student Responsibilities:

Micron Foundation Outreach Program

The student will be primarily a Micron Foundation Volunteer (K-12 STEM Educational Outreach Programs). Additionally, she will volunteer with the Boys & Girls Club and also with the Idaho Youth Ranch. Her dates of service will be June 1 - July 23rd. During June, she will help with the Micron Tech Camps (Online STEM camps) 3 days/week and also volunteer at the teen centers of 3 Treasure Valley Boys & Girls Club sites (the 3 branches that serve teens). She will then be a support to teens who will register and participate in the Tech Camps from the B & G Clubs.

Crossroads Foundation

Our mission is to provide promising youth who have limited options access to a quality Catholic high school education by nurturing their academic and personal growth so they are prepared to succeed in college and in life.

Student Responsibilities:

Catholic Charities Dallas Educational Services

Pandemic has disrupted to a great extend the public education programs in Dallas and surrounding counties, and this disruption has led to a learning loss of up to a full school year for students who were already falling behind in reading. The goal of Together We Read is to close the learning loss that many children suffered during the pandemic through a dual generational approach to learning. Parents will learn how to encourage reading at home, and students will learn important strategies to improve their reading.

Higher Ground Youth & Family Services

Higher Ground is a mentoring program for youth and families living in at risk communities. Our youth are dealing with all the crimes of poverty including gangs, drugs and human trafficking. Living in disadvantaged communities limits choices so the goal of HG is to level the playing field for these youth and their future. Our mission is to facilitate exploration and discovery of life's possibilities through mentorship, as we expand purpose and possibilities for youth and their families.

Annunciation Catholic School

Annunciation Catholic School was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1890 with the commitment of serving the poor and immigrants living in the surrounding Cole and Five Points Neighborhood. As the neighborhood began to change, Annunciation saw the demographics of the surrounding neighborhood change along with it. Latino and Sudanese families started replacing the Irish and German families. They soon made up the majority population of the students enrolled at Annunciation Catholic School.

Wellspring Catholic Academy of St. Bernadette

Formerly St. Bernadette Catholic School, the reopened and reimagined Wellspring Catholic Academy of St. Bernadette is Colorado's newest Catholic EL (Expeditionary Learning) school, now in our 3rd full year. We are an intentionally small, diverse school, and we continue to safely offer in-person learning despite the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We currently serve over 105 students in Preschool - 7th grades, and next year, we will grow to include 8th grade as well.

Breakthrough Urban Ministries

Breakthrough demonstrates the compassion of Christ by partnering with those affected by poverty to build skills, grow relationships and open doors of opportunity. The organization has a 'hyper-local' approach where we build deep authentic relationships in a small geographic target area of Chicago's Garfield Park community. While the organization operates programs for job training, food pantry, mental health, overnight shelters, and violence prevention, this internship would focus within the youth/children's programs primarily.

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church & School

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is a dynamic Catholic parish that welcomes all people to worship God in the genius of African-American Catholic Spirituality. Located in beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina, St Anthony's is a warm and welcoming place guided by Christ’s words, “Love one another, as I have loved you.” Diverse and united as one through our celebration of the Eucharist, we are a community that offers prayerful worship and loving service to those in need. St. Anthony of Padua is both a Franciscan Parish and an Elementary School (K3-6).

De La Salle Blackfeet School

De La Salle Blackfeet School is a San Miguel School operated by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, for 4th -8th grade boys and girls who live on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. The school is open to all faiths and cultures, is not tuition driven, and serves a predominately at-risk population. It is committed to providing a quality, innovative, and faith based education to empower its students to become successful learners and participants in the shaping of their community.

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