Support for Faculty in international community-engaged pedagogy

The International team of the Center offers various supports to faculty members incorporating community engaged pedagogies. Please contact Rachel Tomas Morgan to learn more.


International Course Development Grants (CDG)

To support the growth of community-based learning across the University, the center provides grants for faculty to design new 3.0 credit courses or to transform existing courses to include a community based component. Applications are available in early spring semester and usually due by early February. Advance consultation is recommended for faculty members wishing to apply for CDGs with an international focus. Grants are awarded with a two-year implementation period and are supported by the center’s international team. The center has provided internationally focused course development grants since 2004. The following are the most recent:


DSN: “Social Design: Initiatives, Challenges & Innovation," Neeta Varma, India, fall 2017.

ANTH, possible other cross lists: "The World in Rome: Pathways of Migration and Citizenship," Maurizio Albahari, Rome, summer 2018 (proposed).

FTT, with possible other cross lists: "Theatre and Social Concerns: Refugees Performing Migration Narratives,” Anton Juan, Rome, summer 2018 (proposed).


THEO, POLS, CNST, LAST, IIPS: "Between God and the Party," Peter Casarella, Cuba, fall 2016

IIPS, POLS, PSY: "The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Political and Psychological Underpinnings," Laura Miller-Graff & Patrick Reagan, Jerusalem, fall 2017 (tentative)

BIOS: "Practicum in the Field Environmental Biology: Galapagos Islands," Gary Lamberti & Malcolm J Fraser, the Galapagos Islands, fall 2016


PSY, AFST,ANTH, IIPS, ARCH: "Of Cities and People: Peripheries—Case Studies in Urban Phenomenology," Anre Venter & Lucien Steil, Paris, fall 2015

BUS: "Design Thinking and Social Concerns," Wendy Angst, location TBD, Fall 2017


Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows engage  their disciplinary or multidisciplinary expertise with the center’s mission and help the center expand community-based learning and scholarship, civic participation and Catholic social thought across University departments and programs. Fellows receive grant support and course development consultation. Since 2004, the Center has had faculty fellows with an international focus, selected and by members of the center for or course. The following are the most recent:


Kevin Whelan | Dublin Study Abroad & Global Gateway: Community-based learning development and grant support for Dublin study abroad required course HIST 34430 Introduction to Ireland.


Ann-Marie Conrado | Nepal: Collaboration with the center’s International Summer Service Learing Program (ISSLP) and a local artisan co-op in Nepal to bring design expertise to fair trade production of handicrafts and to provide discipline-based ISSLP opportunities for students in the design program.


Ted Cachey & Silvia Dall’Olio | Rome Study Abroad & Global Gateway: Community-based learning development and grant support for Rome study abroad required course LLRO 34600 All Roads Lead to Rome.


Engaged Program Initiative

The Engaged Program Initiative (EPI) encourages multi-year, sustained and developing academic community engagement that is being done throughout an academic unit and results in collaborations on multiple projects across the center. They receive grant support and work in close consultation with center faculty and staff. Listed here are EPI international collaborations.


Art, Art History and Design 

The Program of Design inaugurated the center’s Engaged Program Initiative and partnered with the CSC to provide student community engagement opportunities nationally and internationally.

Anne Marie Conrado (CSC Faculty Fellow) – Engaged work focused on strengthening her research interests and collaboration with International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) in Nepal.

Robert Sedlack (CSC Concurrent Faculty) – Design for Social Good course which included a community-based learning (CBL) component in Johannesburg, South Africa addressing HIV/Aids and Xenophobia. Sedlack’s work won a Sappi “Ideas That Matter” grant and the Sheedy Excellence in Teaching Award. Support of Robert Sedlack dates to 2011 with ISSLP in Johannesburg.


Marie Bourgeois and ISSLP students Abbey Dankoff and Hannah Chiarella – Support a women’s crafting initiative that started in the Design for Social Good course, continued through the ISSLP in Johannesburg, and won a $40,000 Sappi “Ideas That Matter” grant.


Neeta Verma – Recipient of a center course development grant will transform an existing course to include a CBL component with the National Institute of Design Institute in Ahmedabad, India for fall 2017.


University Writing Program

The University Writing Program has been a long time partner with the center through community-based learning (CBL) courses in the local community. More recently, their collaboration has incorporated international engagement.

Patrick Clauss  | Support from the center and the AnBryce First Generation College Scholars Program to develop and provide a required, dedicated Writing and Rhetoric CBL course for first-year students in the Anbryce Program. Course embeds an experiential educational component in London, England and collaborates with the London Global Gateway.


Support for Community-Based Pedagogy within ND Global Gateways and Study Abroad Programs

Several study abroad locations at ND Global Gateways include community-based learning or experiential learning courses as indicated by the “ZCSC” attribute. In other locations opportunities are available for students to engage in co-curricular community work while offering reflective discussion in order to deepen cultural and language learning. In study abroad locations not taught by ND professors (Toledo, Puebla, Athens, etc.), the center has provided consultation on service-learning elements in course design and help to promote student awareness of these course opportunities.

The center provides various levels of support for community engaged courses taught by ND faculty members and affiliates in study abroad locations, including Global Gateways.

LLRO 34600 All Roads Lead to Rome
The course incorporates experiential learning through site visits, historical studies, literary readings, film viewings, lectures and service with community agencies.
HIST, SOC 34430 Introduction to Ireland; Kevin Whelan
A section of this course is offered as a community based learning course where students engage in weekly service at community organizations and are integrated with course topics relating to contemporary issues through journaling, group discussions and a final research paper. Community based learning in this course is offered in collaboration with the Center for Social Concerns, with required pre-departure orientation session and reentry sessions. Learn more
ESS: Catholic Education and the Common Good

This course integrates the experience of teaching in London Catholic Schools with a reflection on practice informed by contemporary scholarship

THEO 34202 Poverty and Development; Isabel Donoso
The course integrates service-learning through three-hour (minimum) weekly commitments at community organizations. Spring students take a one-credit fall semester pre-departure course and fall students participate in orientation sessions in the spring semester prior.
Community Service Engagement; Odette Menyard

Students visit with elderly in a memory care facility, working together to share life stories, practice French language skills and create a memory book project. This opportunity is no longer integrated into a course but is guided by the onsite director and requires student commitment.

ISSLP and Community-Based Learning; Robert Smith & Karis Ailabouni

THEO 339938 Confronting Social Issues: International Summer Service Learning
The center partners with the Jerusalem Global Gateway to support the ISSLP in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

THEO 24846 Three Faiths, Two Peoples: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land
This course incorporates extensive experiential learning through field trips, site visits, guest speakers, and engagement with places of worship and community organizations.
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