Student Projects: Energy Climate and Social Change

Caring for Creation is a fundamental commitment of CST and these projects deal with a variety of ways climate change and environmental injustice create obstacles to our common call to care for the Earth and call each of us to examine our shared responsibility to envision new ways of being in the world.


ND Energy Campaign 2020

This informational campaign strives to educate the Notre Dame community on the importance of action to mitigate anthropogenic climate change. It highlights the intersectionality of climate change, energy, and social change both in the daily lives of the Notre Dame community and across the globe. The project provides education through a series of infographics and advocacy with a petition for the ND community. 



Food Insecurity in South Bend

In the state of Indiana, 1 in 6 children are considered to be food insecure. To reduce the number of individuals impacted by food insecurity, this project seeks to collect food, clothing, and donations for those in the South Bend Community.



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