Student Projects: Community Health and the Common Good

In Community Health and the Common Good, students examined healthcare, and the social determinants of health, through the lens of CST and designed projects to highlight ways we might together advocate for human and community flourishing.


No One Left Behind

Students chose to release a survey to analyze the public health and quality of life of the students of Notre Dame.  In this, they attempt to identify any areas in need of improvement and to ensure we are leaving no one behind.



Neighborhood Context is a Determinant of Education and Health

This video explores the intersection of environment, health, and education through a simulation. The simulation tests how students react to distractions that represent factors that can negatively impact education and, subsequently, health.



Healthcare through CST

Criticism of the U.S. healthcare system abounds, but it can be challenging to understand exactly how it operates. Inspired by conversations in the Community Health and the Common Good seminar, this project investigates our healthcare system through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. This website shares what students learned about how the U.S. healthcare system is and is not living up to the seven pillars of Catholic Social Teaching.



Bursting the Bubble

Bursing the Bubble is a series of newsletters aimed at thinking through justice issues that connect to healthcare. This first one is focused on the impact of the coronavirus. 



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