Andrews Scholarship

History of and information about the Andrews Scholarship

Notre Dame Alumni Clubs throughout the country establish meaningful service placements at local organizations in their area and arrange for students to receive room and board at no cost to students. In addition, the Alumni Clubs provide most of the funding for the SSLP scholarships and stipends. If they cannot subsidize the full scholarship amount, they may request assistance from the James F. Andrews Endowment and the James F. Andrews Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

Jim Andrews

The two endowments were established in 1981 in memory of Jim Andrews, a 1961 graduate of Notre Dame and co-founder of Universal Press Syndicate. After Jim Andrews' death in 1980, his partner at Universal Press Syndicate, John McMeel, together with the Andrews and McMeel families, established the funds to launch and sustain the Summer Service Learning Program. It was and continues to be a unique and fitting memorial for a compassionate man who studied, wrote about, and acted upon the social problems of his time. In affirming students’ sharing of their talents and gifts in service with others, the SSLP continues what Jim Andrews began, drawing out the gifts and talents of young people in response to social concerns.  

Since 1981, the James F. Andrews Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded more than 3,500 Andrews Scholarships to students who have participated in the Summer Service Learning Program. The Andrews and McMeel families have remained closely involved in the Summer Service Learning Program since its inception, and through their continued generosity, have enabled the SSLP staff to enhance and share this innovative model of service learning. The example of the Andrews and McMeel families has further inspired the generosity of more than a dozen other endowments who continue to extend the mission of the SSLP at more than 160 community partner organizations each year. For more information about vital role of ND Clubs and benefactors, please contact

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