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Trinita runs the Family Life Development Program each Summer, designed as a faith-based summer camp for families who greatly need a break from the intensity of inner-city life. The program goals are to strengthen faith and family life. Along with the Trinita staff and sisters, volunteers are essential to every aspect of the program's implementation. SSLP students arrive early (Tuesday, June 7) before the mandatory Orientation Week for all other new volunteers which begins on Sunday, June 12. A week-long Vacation Bible Camp will be offered from June 20-24.

Camp Scully

Camp Scully runs a series of one week overnight camps for economically disadvantaged children sponsored by Catholic Charities. New campers arrive each week and participate in activities including outdoor education, canoeing, swimming, archery, a ropes course, and sports. The SSLP student serves as a camp counselor for a cabin group providing direct care and supervision 22 hours a day, participating in all the camps’ activities, keeping the campers active and having fun!

Catholic Charities CYO Camp and Retreat Center

Catholic Charities CYO Camp fosters the growth and development of youth through the formation of positive relationships with self, others, nature, and God. We embrace the values and traditions that have made it an exciting, educational, and memorable place for tens of thousands of youth since 1946. Programs are designed to give campers and all who visit the opportunity to develop self-confidence while making new friends and taking on new challenges as they progress from year to year.

R. M. Pyles Boys Camp

Pyles Boys Camp is a summer camp for disadvantaged/disenfranchised boys, ages 12-14, in Sequoia National Forest. The goal of the Camp is to give boys a new confidence in life through challenging wilderness camp experiences, such as archery, horseback riding, ropes courses and a backpacking trip. As camp counselors the students lead groups of eight boys for 12-day sessions, working at base camp, as well as leading outcamp, a 5-day, 4 night trip in the wilderness.

Fresh Air Home

This Christian camp is for children who could not otherwise afford to go to camp or who are needy in some way or another. Children range from 4 to 11 years of age. We serve 90 new children every two weeks. The student will supervise the students for arts and crafts, beach activities, Bible school, field trips, and cookouts. They rotate duties with laundry, kitchen and camp cleaning. Twenty to twenty-five counselors work in a team and develop close community together, taking turns leading different activities and chores.

St. Vincent dePaul of Detroit - Camp Ozanam

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) offers a five week summer camp program for boys and girls at Camp Ozanam (or as we all know it at camp 'OZ'). As a Special Works of the Society, Camp Ozanam offers families in need, served by our brothers and sisters of SVdP throughout the year, the opportunity to send their child to camp to experience all that a traditional camp has to offer.

At Camp Ozanam, children will develop a sense of community and environmental awareness where they can pray, ponder and play.

Camp Christopher

Camp Christopher offers day camp for youth and a residential camp for adults who have disabilities. The Camp is committed to the growth and development of campers through quality programming structured around nature, community and spirit. The student works as a counselor for both camps, working with the adults and with the children. Counselors are responsible for leading activities as well as caring for the campers who may need help with eating, showering, or using the bathroom.

Sharing Meadows

Here at Camp Sharing Meadows, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to attend camp, whether that's a short weekend camp or a long week of camp! Unfortunately, for some of our friends with disabilities, they may have never had this experience. That's why we work so hard to get everyone to camp through subsidizing our costs and ensuring parents, staff, and local agencies that their loved ones are cared for when they drop their camper off for a camp full of adventures and memories!

Bay Cliff Health Camp

Bay Cliff is a very special place. It is a two-month therapy camp serving children (ages 3-17) through physical, occupational, and speech therapies. We work closely with the children to help them learn ways to be more independent. A summer at camp gives many of them the opportunity to participate in activities that they otherwise might not be able to do. Each summer, approximately 160 children are referred to Bay Cliff for the opportunity to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy. They come for therapy and leave with new skills and friendships.

Cradle Beach

Cradle Beach provides hope, opportunities, and life changing experiences for children with special needs and children who are economically disadvantaged. We strive to help them reach their full potential.

Core Values

We uphold these core values in our own work; they represent what we believe in, what we stand for and how we approach everything we do.

1. Continuous Improvement - we strive for excellence in all we do for our staff, children, parents and donors.

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