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St. Stephen Diocesan Center, Office for Social Ministry

The Office for Social Ministry serves all parishes by first gathering data of Parish Social Ministry (PSM) activities. The student works with FACE, going to churches and colleges asking people to sign a healthcare petition, and with ACORN participating in a door-to-door campaign to spread awareness of the problems facing Hawaii's lower income residents. For the OSM, the student researches the Church's role in social justice.

Student Responsibilities:

Dismas House

Dismas House, a program of St. Martin's Hospitality Center, is a transitional housing program that serves both men and women who come out of the New Mexico prison system. The goal is to assist motivated adults on probation and parole to transition successfully into society. The student lives in the Dismas community, and works at a day shelter for the homeless and near-homeless during the day.

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves & Fishes includes over 15 programs that help people who are experiencing homelessness. Services include meals, supplies, advocacy, training, and housing placement. The student will work in Friendship Park, which provides breakfast, activities, information, survival supplies, restrooms, connections to community resources, and a safe environment to access our survival services.

Father Fred FoundationTraverse Health Clinic

Father Fred Foundation provides emergency and direct services for individuals and families in the area. On a typical day about 100 people come to the center looking for different kinds of assistance. At Father Fred Foundation, the student spends time in each department, gaining experience in all operations. The Traverse Health Clinic provides health care to the uninsured. At the Clinic, the student performs reception work, such as directing patients and scheduling appointments.

Lopez Community Land Trust

The Lopez Community Land Trust works to develop new affordable housing projects for local residents, including the creation of a neighborhood of eleven new homes. The student is involved in working with future residents, community volunteers, and other interns to help build the homes.

Student Responsibilities:

Terry Reilly Health Services

Terry Reilly Health Services is a non-profit organization comprised of 9 medical clinics, 7 dental clinics and a number of behavioral health centers. TRHS provides care to all, and is particularly committed to serving marginalized populations: those who face barriers to receiving health care, those without insurance, migrant and seasonal farmworkers, the homeless, and other special populations. TRHS has fees based on a patient’s ability to pay, and they provide services in English and Spanish. Terry Reilly Health Services also prioritizes advocacy, outreach, and health education.

St. Patrick's Center

St. Patrick's Center provides services to people who are improverished and mentally ill. These services include addiction education classes, housing location services, job search assistance, childcare, and medical services. The student’s tasks are many and varied but may include helping prepare for events and fundraisers, sitting in on intake interviews, serving lunch, and assisting in the child drop-in center. Responsibilities and projects can be tailored to the student’s particular skills and interests.

Student Responsibilities:

Sparta Health Clinic

The Sparta Health Center is a rural family clinic that serves many Spanish-speaking migrant workers. In the summer there is a special focus on migrants who come to the area to harvest the apple and blueberry crops. The student helps as an interpreter for the Spanish-speaking patients and their healthcare providers, provides patient education in the clinic and migrant camps, collaborates with local outreach organizations, and assists with other tasks in the clinic.

Project Hospitality

Project Hospitality provides comprehensive services for hungry, homeless, and inadequately housed people, especially those who are living with multiple diagnoses such as HIV, substance abuse, and/or mental illness. The student’s main duties involve restocking, serving lunch or dinner, helping to train weekly summer volunteers, and talking with clients. The student will also have the chance to interact at the school at St. Mary's of the Assumption with the other SSLP student.

Mount Carmel

At Mount Carmel, accomplishing our mission means providing healthcare, not only to the patients at our central Ohio hospitals and health centers, but also to the underserved members of our community who have limited access and barriers to basic health care services, as well as little or no ability to pay for them.

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