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Neighborhood House West Family Center

The Neighborhood House West Family Center is a resource for the immigrant and refugee community. Summer in the City is a summer camp for children of the neighborhood’s low-income families who are in need of supervision while their parents work. The student assists in planning camp activities, enrolling participants, teaching English classes, organizing field trips, and acting as a counselor.

Community Refugee & Immigration Services

Community Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS) is an independent non-profit organization that serves the growing refugee and immigrant populations in Central Ohio. CRIS' mission is to help refugees and immigrants reach safety and stability, sustain self-sufficiency, and achieve successful integration into the Central Ohio community. As a refugee resettlement agency we have a contract with the Department of State to directly receive and place refugees in our community, but we also offer a wide array of other services for refugees, immigrants, and asylees.

Sr. Maura Brannick, CSC, Health Center

Sister Maura Brannick, CSC, Health Center provides primary healthcare services to individuals without health insurance who fall below 200% of the federally-designated poverty level. The Health Center addresses prevention of disease and illness and focuses on the overall health and well-being of each patient. The focus of the clinic is not only primary, preventative healthcare as specialty care is also provided to our patients from volunteer physicians. Additional services patients also have access to are a dental facility, counseling, an exercise room, and a food pantry.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Allentown

The Mission of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown is to provide compassionate human services with respect for the sanctity of all human life. Catholic Charities serves all persons regardless of faith in a spirit of hope and love, with the hope to empower the poor, the most vulnerable, and the disadvantaged through a variety of quality therapeutic, supportive and educational services. The SSLP student works with the Refugee Resettlement Program.

Casa Juan Diego

Casa Juan Diego (CJD) is a Catholic Worker with Houses of Hospitality serving undocumented immigrants and refugees, mainly from South and Central America, but also Africa. CJD provides room and board, assists in finding jobs, distributes food and clothing, and provides free medical and dental care. Students assist guests with their daily needs, participate in household duties, and generally provide support to the guests.

Catholic Charities of Dallas

Catholic Charities of Dallas provides a continuum of services beyond our Family Services programs that help fulfill crucial needs such as, immigration legal services, education programs, job placement and enhancement programs, adoption services, refugee resettlement and childcare. Most of our services are provided to low-income working families to assist them in becoming self-sufficient and fostering stable family relationships.

Azzarelli Outreach Clinic

Azzarelli Outreach Clinic is a free, volunteer-operated medical clinic providing doctor's visits and services to a largely Latino population of patients who are uninsured. The clinic is possible because of local doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses who volunteer their time and skills. The student assists in the clinic’s operations by translating for Spanish-speaking patients, shadowing doctor visits, taking vitals and medical histories, and generally providing assistance wherever needed.

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