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Esperanza Health Centers

In 2004, residents of the neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village on Chicago’s Southwest Side joined administrators from nearby Saint Anthony Hospital to address the critical lack of accessible health services in the area. They opened a community health center on South California Avenue called Esperanza, the Spanish word for 'hope.'

Holy Cross Ministries Summer Program

English Camp' for Early Childhood:

Sr. Maura Brannick, CSC, Health Center

Sister Maura Brannick, CSC, Health Center (SMBHC) is a 100% financial assistance clinic that provides primary healthcare services to individuals without health insurance who fall below 200% of the federally-designated poverty level. Approximately 90% of our patients identify Spanish as their primary language, and many are undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers. We're a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to providing holistic care to our patients: the Health Center addresses prevention of disease and illness, and focuses on the overall health and well-being of each patient.

Sparta Health Clinic

The Sparta Health Center is a rural family clinic that serves many Spanish-speaking migrant workers. In the summer there is a special focus on migrants who come to the area to harvest the apple and blueberry crops. The student helps as an interpreter for the Spanish-speaking patients and their healthcare providers, provides patient education in the clinic and migrant camps, collaborates with local outreach organizations, and assists with other tasks in the clinic.

Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley - Humanitarian Respite Center

The purpose of the Humanitarian Respite Center is to restore human dignity by providing asylum seekers a welcoming space to rest, eat, shower and sleep. More than just feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, we encourage volunteers to sit with asylum seekers and get to know their story.

Annunciation Catholic School

Annunciation Catholic School was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1890 with the commitment of serving the poor and immigrants living in the surrounding Cole and Five Points Neighborhood. As the neighborhood began to change, Annunciation saw the demographics of the surrounding neighborhood change along with it. Latino and Sudanese families started replacing the Irish and German families. They soon made up the majority population of the students enrolled at Annunciation Catholic School.

Grace Farms Foundation, Inc.

Grace Farms Foundation, Inc. established in 2009, is a private operating foundation with 501c3 status in New Canaan, Connecticut. The Foundation owns and operate Grace Farms, 80 acres of open space, with the architecturally significant River building, which houses the Foundation's five initiatives: nature, art, justice, community and faith. Students will interact with all five initatives throughout their internship.

About the Justice Initiative at Grace Farms Foudnation:

Kids' Food Basket

For over eighteen years, Kids' Food Basket has been a force for attacking childhood hunger to help young people learn and live well. One in four Michigan children struggles with hunger, robbing them of their energy, health, and dignity. Our promise is to nourish kids' bodies and minds, grow sustainable food, learn from hands-on experiences and engage as a diverse community to solve childhood hunger. A lack of consistent, nutritious food limits cognitive development, leaving kids unable to concentrate in school.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Center

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Center (OLGC) works to reduce poverty by addressing its root causes within
the large immigrant Hispanic community concentrated on the west side of Columbus. This population is growing rapidly and experiences disproportionate poverty. At the center, we provide services including a food pantry— which often serves as a gateway to many other critical, wrap-around services, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, nutrition classes, preventative health screenings, legal and

Migrant Legal Aid, Inc.

Migrant Legal Aid's mission is 'Growing justice to protect the dignity, health, and livelihood of migrant farmworkers.' Our goals are to meet the needs of migrant farmworkers, through outreach and education, advocacy and direct representation that protects their wages and civil rights, and enforces health and safety in their working and living conditions. MLA has been advocating for migrant workers’ rights in Michigan since 1973.

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