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Revitalization 2000, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Revitalization 2000, Inc. (“R2K”) builds empowering relationships with residents of the Ville neighborhood of North St. Louis.  We serve as a bridge between them and the broader region so that together we might build a better neighborhood and a better St. Louis.

Community Supported Garden at St. Joseph's Center

The Community Supported Garden at St. Joseph's Center (CSG) is a farming initiative of the Congregation of Holy Cross. CSG grows food for approximately 50 families, with 10% of the harvest donated to various communities of need around the Capital District. All food grown is 100% organic. The student assists with the farm work and travels to various sites delivering the donated products, serving recipients in need, and learning about the recipient organizations.

Student Responsibilities:

Groundwork Bridgeport

Groundwork Bridgeport builds neighborhood participation and pride, reduces pollution, and beautifies the city by creating and maintaining educational and recreational green space. The student assists in everyday activities and programs, such as Butterflies are Teachers and Our Folks programs, while also trying to revise and improve plans regarding budgeting, completion dates, and community outreach strategies.

Student Responsibilities:

Growing Home

Growing Home provides job training for homeless and low-income individuals through a social enterprise business based on organic agriculture. The focus is on the transformational possibilities inherent in learning to nurture and grow one’s own food. The student performs manual labor, tending to the farm by harvesting, cultivating, and processing the crops. Students are also taught to lead small work groups on-site, once s/he has become proficient in certain tasks. Student interaction with trainees is limited to 2/3 days a week.

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