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Opportunity House

Opportunity House serves children, families, and adults who face obstacles to independence and supports their efforts to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. Services include, a homeless shelter, a 24-hour day care, permanent housing for individuals with disabilities, transitional housing programs, life skills instruction, job-readiness training, and case management. The student’s responsibilities are to expose the school aged children to the arts in various forms, lead activities and organize field trips.

Student Responsibilities:

William Byrd Community House

William Byrd Community House is a 91-year old organization focused on Children's Services, especially Early Childhood Education.

Swope Summer Academic Camp-Upper Room

In 2007, a study by Johns Hopkins University ranked our Summer Academic Program as one of the best summer reading programs in the country. In 1999, we started with one church and 90 students. Today, the Upper Room offers an eight-week summer reading camp for over 2,000 high-poverty children who use the summer to make substantial academic gains. In a district where reading proficiency scores fall consistently below those of neighboring districts, children who participate in the program read as high as two grade levels above their peers.

Thensted Center

The Thensted Center runs a summer camp in a small, impoverished community in Southern Louisiana with children from 6-10 years old. The student helps the children develop their reading skills, works with arts and crafts, teaches swimming lessons, supervises outdoor play, serves lunch and write grants to obtain funding for the program.

St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home

St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home provides a safe home and needed services to vulnerable children and young mothers. The children are awaiting adoption or foster care placement because of mistreatment, neglect, homelessness, family emergencies or parental incarceration. The students work with children ages 7-12 at a camp. They run arts and crafts projects, cook, go on field trips to sights around D.C., and help the children develop specific skills.

Student Responsibilities:

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club offers an after school program during the school year as well as a summer program primarily for low income families. The structured, nine-week summer program includes education, arts and crafts, a game room, various sports programs, and field trips. The student is a counselor for the summer program, supervising the children in their activities and being a positive role-model for the children.

Rapid City Club for Boys

The Club for Boys provides positive experiences for boys ages 6-17 that develop self-esteem and character in a safe and fun environment. In the summer, the boys participate in recreational activities and programs such as music, academics, playing games, sports, and arts and crafts. The student is responsible for assisting with daily activities during the day, and her/his primary responsibility is to help prepare and promote the Summer Jam Talent Show, performed annually in July.

Plymouth Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club strives to provide a positive and safe environment for local children to interact with their peers. The Club provides ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals; life-enhancing programs and character development experiences; and most of all, hope and opportunity.The student interacts with children, ages 8-18, everyday by playing games, sports, doing arts & crafts, and assisting with club programs that cover a wide array of topics from gardening to diversity to goal setting.

Student Responsibilities:

Pio Decimo Center

Pio Decimo is a neighborhood center that provides social, academic, and family services for lower income families. The children's programs are for those three to twelve years old. Pio Decimo Center provides a safe, nurturing and structured environment in which children receive the support they need and learn new skills. Services include an affordable summer program and childcare services for school aged children(5 year olds to 12 year olds) that includes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, field trips, and speakers.

Pahokee Recreational Center

Pahokee Recreational Center serves children who come from economically poor families in this rural area of Florida. The Center has a summer program that includes recreational activities and provides several field trips a week to surrounding points of interest. The student serves as a chaperone and activities coordinator, working closely with the children and counselors doing arts and crafts as well as teaching reading and writing.

Student Responsibilities:
Mentor children and be a community leader

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