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Our Lady of Guadalupe Center

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Center (OLGC) works to reduce poverty by addressing its root causes within
the large immigrant Hispanic community concentrated on the west side of Columbus. This population is growing rapidly and experiences disproportionate poverty. At the center, we provide services including a food pantry— which often serves as a gateway to many other critical, wrap-around services, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, nutrition classes, preventative health screenings, legal and


The mission of Tenfold (formerly known as Tabor Community Services) is to spark the power and opportunity in people to realize their human rights of housing and financial security. We seek to be the trusted community partner, helping people overcome their housing and financial challenges through proactive education, coaching, and advocacy.

Local Cup - Near Northwest Neighborhood

The Local Cup is a community coffee shop that serves the Near Northwest Neighborhood in South Bend, Indiana. Our mission is about building community by bringing neighbors together, sharing ideas, supporting local producers, and supporting local youth. We hand brew locally-roasted coffee and take pride in creating a warm environment where all are welcome.

The SSLP student will be responsible to help manage and serve at The Local Cup, to help coordinate and be a mentor for the teen workers at The Local Cup, and to work alongside the staff networker at the NNN.

Vincentian Ohio Action Network

The Vincentian Ohio Action Network (VOAN) is a recipient of CCHD funding and was formed with the support of St. Vincent de Paul. VOAN manages two main programs -- Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope (ARCH) and the Think Tanks on Poverty ( | ARCH focused on community building, education, leadership development, and advocacy with public policy on immigration reform.

Westmoreland Community Action

Our Mission

Westmoreland Community Action strengthens communities and families to eliminate poverty.

Our Mission is accomplished through the below programs:

Early Childhood Education
Head Start
Early Head Start

Mental Health Programs
Crisis Hotline
Crisis Intervention Unit
Diversion & Stabilization Unit
Permanent Supportive Housing
Shared Housing
MH/MR Housing Assistance Program

Emergency Services
Emergency Food Pantry
Energy Assistance

St. Peter Claver Church - Community Organizing

SSLP student will participate in community work through Church-Based Organizing, Census and Evangelization of the neighborhood. Student will work closely with parish staff and community leaders in community and church-based organizing efforts. In addition, student will partake in other parish outreach and ministries, including youth group activities in the evenings and helping with summer youth camp as well. St. Peter Claver is an African American Community with a rich history and community.

Slavic Village Development

Slavic Village Development works with and for its residents, businesses, and institutions to promote civic engagement, community empowerment, and neighborhood investment. We are a forward-looking service-driven organization which honors our neighborhood’s resiliency, diverse cultural heritage, and inclusiveness. We are committed to building a community defined by its high quality of life, unique identity, and healthy and active living.

Claver House

Founded in 1998, Revitalization 2000, Inc. (Claver House) builds empowering relationships with residents of the Ville neighborhood of North St. Louis. We serve as a bridge between them and the broader region so that together we might build a better neighborhood and a better St. Louis.

The home base of R2K is Claver House. Claver House broadens horizons and builds kinship. Recognizing the dignity of all persons, we help dissolve economic, racial, and cultural barriers. We do this by:

Grow Ohio Valley

Join us as we improve access to fresh, locally grown food in an up-and-coming Appalachian city. Get a taste of a variety of focus areas, including education programs, food distribution, farmer’s markets, and capacity building. Grow Ohio Valley's mission is to improve access to fresh, locally grown food in the Ohio Valley while creating a strong food-based economy. With our efforts, we hope to fashion a new economic landscape, one offering increased prosperity, improved health, and a better environment for everyone in our community.

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