Seminars Financial Information

It is very important that finances are not a hindrance to student participation in social concerns seminars. The mission of the Center for Social Concerns and this program is to provide opportunities for learning to all students. Due to the commitment to this mission and generous benefactors, we will work with you to assure that finances are not a barrier to participate. The process for this is outlined below.

Social Concerns Seminars Fee Timeline

Submit Application 

If applying to the Appalachia Seminar or Urban Plunge Seminar, you will be notified via email of acceptance status on a rolling basis.

If applying to one of the smaller seminars, you will be notified vial email of acceptance status shortly after the application deadline.

Seminar Fees 

You will be notified of the seminar fee in the acceptance email.

Seminar fees will be sent to Student Accounts during the week following your immersion. The charge will appear on your Irish Pay account soon thereafter.

Financial Assistance

Please contact Greg White, lead coordinator of social concerns seminars, with questions about financial assistance. It is very important that this is the first step in order to keep record of requests.

You will be directed to the Office of Student Enrichment ( to inquire about assistance through the Student Experience Fund (formerly the Rector Fund).

If you are eligible for assistance through the Student Experience Fund, the Office of Student Enrichment will confirm your status with both you and Greg White.

If you are not eligible for the Student Experience Fund, please contact Greg White and he will provide you with the social concerns seminars financial request form which you will need to complete and submit it to Greg. It will be reviewed by Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, director of social concerns seminars. You will be notified the status of your request as soon as possible.

Travel Assistance Request

For travel assistance requests, please contact Greg White. Please note that all fall and spring break immersions will depart from the Notre Dame campus and travel will be provided.