Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice for Racial Justice

Fall 2017 Dialogue Series

“America is in trouble, and a lot of that trouble—perhaps most of it—has to do with race….What, then, can we do?”

—Michael Eric Dyson, Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America

Living the challenge of peace is hard work in the face of enduring racial injustice, and many are rightly seeking ways to stop it. But justice requires more than stopping injustice. It also requires repairing the damage and healing the wounds. And repairing the harm of racial injustice is going to take all of us.

Please join us for a series od conversations to explore the six guiding questions at the heart of restorative justice.

Sep. 17: Who has been harmed by the racial injustice in our culture?

Sep.24: What do they, and we, need because of that harm?

Oct. 8: Who has obligations to help address those needs?

Oct. 29: What has caused this, and what will help prevent it?

Nov. 5: Who has a stake in how we resolve this and what process(es) might be appropriate for helping to heal this?

These conversations will not answer these questions for anyone. But asking them together can help us find our way forward. Your interest in these questions matters more than prior knowledge or experience in this kind of discussion. All are welcome. We hope you will join us for all the remaining conversations in this series, but feel free to attend fewer. Please contact Susan Sharpe with questions. Space is limited.