For Notre Dame Clubs

Each summer, approximately 230 students live and serve for eight weeks in 120 communities across the country through the Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP). The SSLP represents a unique model of service learning among other colleges and universities that would not be possible without you and the extensive support network of Notre Dame Clubs. Thank you for your generosity and leadership in this collaborative effort which we hope is mutually beneficial for students, your ND Club, and people in need in your local community.

In the navigation menu to the left, you will find links to Housing and Transportation, which includes information about some of the ways Clubs arrange for their SSLP students to receive room and board for the eight weeks and how to arrange for their transportation needs; Choosing a Site, which offers five practical considerations in selecting and evaluating organizations where your student will work during the summer; Club Student Relationship, which highlights some hopes for how to build a meaningful connection with your student before and during the eight-week placement; Host Family Guidelines, which sets forth some necessary ground rules for both host families and the SSLP students staying with them; Prepare an Emergency Plan, which looks at some important measures to have in place in the event of unforeseen circumstances; Funding Ideas, where you can find some information about the financial aspect of sponsoring a SSLP student and learn from innovative funding practices in use by other ND Clubs; and Promising Practices, which features videos of SSLP ND Club contacts sharing some great ideas about making each summer as fruitful as possible.


Contact Information

Ben Wilson is the primary contact person to support the work of Notre Dame Clubs with the SSLP. 



October 15 |  SSLP ND Club commitment forms are sent out to all contacts from previous year asking ND Clubs to indicate their plans for the SSLP for the upcoming summer.

November 15 |  Deadline for ND Clubs to submit SSLP ND Club commitment forms to be eligible to receive maximum scholarship support from Andrews Scholarship Fund

December 15 |  Deadline for ND Clubs to submit SSLP ND Club commitment forms to be included among the active ND Clubs and SSLP placements for following summer

November–April | Students apply, interview, and are matched for specific SSLP placements; the placement process is on a rolling basis and we notify ND Clubs and SSLP sites as each student commits to a placement. Students are expected to contact their host ND Club and SSLP site staff within two weeks of committing to a placement.

April 15 |  Deadline for ND Clubs to finalize host families, if applicable, and notify students where they will be staying

Mid-May to Mid-August | Students begin their placements as early as the week after graduation and continue to as late as one week before the start of the fall term. At a minimum, we ask that you meet in person with your students at the beginning of their placement and at the end of the placement, and that you have contact with them every few weeks during their eight-week placement to check in with them.

August | Upon the completion of your students' placements, submit an evaluation form for each student.