Journals for Student Research


Journal for Global Business and Community - a multidisciplinary e-journal dedicated to serving those participating in and affected by the global economy. It offers undergraduate students a venue for publishing works that explore the functional dimensions of global business organizations and behavior or discuss the relationships between these businesses and the global economy with the political, social, cultural, economic, legal, technological and ethical issues derived from those relationships.

Michigan Journal of Business ­- bi-annually published academic journal run by undergraduate students at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. The Journal is the first undergraduate business journal in the United States with a  worldwide audience and is currently distributed to over 200 university libraries in five continents. The Michigan Journal of Business seeks to publish distinguished theses, empirical research, case studies, and theories in issues relating to areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations Management, Information Systems, Business Law, Corporate Ethics, and Public Policy.


Issues in Political Economy - edited and refereed entirely by students, with oversight from faculty at the University of Mary Washington and Elon University. Issues in Political Economy is committed to supporting and encouraging quality undergraduate research in all areas of economics.

Undergraduate Economic Review - a peer-reviewed journal aimed at promoting high quality undergraduate research. It is supported by the Department of Economics at Illinois Wesleyan University.


History Matters - an undergraduate history journal, published annually on this website by the Department of History at Appalachian State University. The journal is edited by undergraduates with the help of a faculty board.

Human Sciences

Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science - an electronic journal published by the Cognitive Science Student Association at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Our aim is to provide a forum for students to share work among peers and gain valuable experience in the process of getting an academic paper published. The journal is a unique reference for students, showcasing quality research by other undergraduate students, improving the contact and exchange of ideas between students and cognitive scientists alike, and illustrating the interdisciplinary work that is the hallmark of the field.

Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science - an annual periodical published by the Psychology and Counseling Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University at Madison, New Jersey. The responsibility for review and contact resides with the undergraduate and graduate journal student officers. The officers' activities are coordinated by the current student editor. JPBS offers undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, an opportunity to publish in a recognized academic journal. Articles in ANY topical area of psychology are considered including, but not limited to:  Behavioral Neuroscience; Social; Sport; Industrial/Organizational; Clinical; Substance Abuse; Personality; Learning; Psychopharmacology; Health; Medical; Psychotraumatology; Cognitive, Developmental; Psychology of Women/Men; Cognitive; Developmental; Experimental; Humanistic; Transpersonal and Peace Psychology.

Journal of Psychological Inquiry – a journal to illustrate the high quality of undergraduates' scholarly work. Scholarly work encompasses a broad range of investigation and includes more traditional data-based activity, as well as literature reviews and historical research. Transmitting the results of one's scholarship through a printed medium requires development of formal, written communication skills.

Sociological Insight - a fully refereed national undergraduate research journal aimed at promoting undergraduate research in the social sciences. Insight provides an opportunity for undergraduates all over the U.S. and abroad to publish their best academic work, and to reap the benefits of subjecting their research to a rigorous review process.

Through Gendered Lenses - an Undergraduate Academic Journal of Gender Research and Scholarship.

Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences - an annual online national, reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of undergraduate student research. The twofold purpose of the journal is to foster and reward the scholarly efforts of undergraduate human sciences students as well as to provide a valuable learning experience. The articles represent primarily the work of the undergraduate student(s).

Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology - an annual journal that showcases the best and most original research in psychology conducted by undergraduates from around the world. We publish research in all areas of psychology, including clinical, developmental, cognitive, and social psychology. Our goal is to contribute to the scientific advance by encouraging serious, quality research early in students' academic careers. We provide a platform for undergraduate scientists to share their findings, and aim to bring together a community of young psychologists from both the United States and abroad.

International Affairs

The International Affairs Journal - an academic journal based at the University of California in Davis that strives to connect the academic world through scholarly papers in order to spread awareness, start conversations and spark curiosity about the international issues that are facing our world today. We promote the publication of both undergraduate and graduate papers, giving all students the opportunity to have their work published and recognized in the academic community.

Political Science & Law

Critique – a forum for graduate and undergraduate students of politics to express and exchange diverse ideas and to imagine new possibilities for democracy and justice.  The electronic format of Critique provides an alternative venue that expands political debate by creating space for the emergence of new ideas.  Such a medium broadens the horizon for undergraduate and graduate publications and serves to lift typically unheard voices in academia.

Dartmouth Law Journal - an academic journal focused on law. Selected articles undergo a strict editing process to prepare them for publication. We have published works from undergraduates, law students, lawyers and judges from across the nation.

Journal of Politics and Society - a forum for undergraduate discourse on issues concerning law and public policy. Originally an annual magazine distributed to Ivy League universities and to members of Congress, it has adopted a more scholarly focus and has grown to encompass all of the social sciences. The Journal is not affiliated with or sponsored by any political organization, and it remains staunchly nonpartisan. 

Michigan Journal of Political Science – a journal publishing exceptional undergraduate research in the political sciences. Submissions from undergraduates around the world are accepted in all fields relating to politics, from economics and public policy to political psychology and philosophy. Papers are selected by a blind review process; in any given term, about 3-5% of the papers submitted will be accepted for publication.


Honors Review - a nationally competitive interdisciplinary journal seeking illuminating, insightful and contemporary research at the undergraduate level. Students need not be members of Honors Programs to submit papers.

Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence - an easily accessible and professional peer-reviewed journal. Our mission is to print outstanding undergraduate research, scholarly articles, and creative works in order to make them available to the public and connect the worldwide community of college undergraduates.

Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal - an online (or electronic) journal for undergraduate students to publish their academic papers in. It is run by and for undergraduate students. Our mission is to support the literature written by undergraduates and to promote discourse among people who have similar academic credentials and levels of accomplishment without introducing intimidation.

NeoAmericanist - an inter-disciplinary online journal for the study of America. We are focused on reaching out to universities and the general public to create an e-journal that pushes the boundaries of scholarship and theory, and blurs the lines between academic disciplines and popular knowledge about America. Published bi-annually NeoAmericanist is a journal available for anyone who aspires to participate in the study of the United States of America.

Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review - aims to bring research to the forefront of undergraduate awareness. By presenting provocative ideas, the PUR catalyzes further intellectual innovations and pursuits, thereby energizing the academic community. To accomplish these goals, the PUR showcases the best available undergraduate research. This is achieved by publishing indiscriminately with regards to location and discipline; the PUR is a multidisciplinary journal that accepts papers from around the world. In turn, hardcopies of the journal are distributed nation-wide, and the published papers are available via this website.

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research - a refereed, multi-disciplinary, online undergraduate journal dedicated to publishing exceptional intellectual and reflective work by undergraduates on service learning and community-based research. Published work will advance knowledge in these subject areas. 

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