Dominican Republic

Population facets: 

Partner Organization: Puente Desarrollo Internacional

Location: Constanza, Dominican Republic

Number of Students: Up to 4 students

Dates:  Flexible

In person opportunities summer 2021: Yes

Virtual opportunities summer 2021: Yes

Participation Requirements:

  • Language & Proficiency Requirement:  Intermediate knowledge of Spanish is preferred
  • Gender Requirement:  None
  • Required Experience: None
  • Major Requirement:  None required but students in computer science, environmental engineering, computer engineering, global affairs, science-computing, information technology, analytics & operations, management & organization or marketing may find interest among the scope of work available
  • Student Minimum Age:  None
  • Special Requirements: Interest in water and sanitation initiatives, survey form creation, software development, user experience design and/or research, data analytics, marketing, monitoring and evaluation, community development and community development programming. 

Special Training Required Prior to Summer Deployment: (The following sessions and workshops will be organized and provided by the ISSLP during the spring semester. Additional training sessions may be added as needed)

  • Self Defense

Site Description:  

See the official Puente Desarrollo Internacional website.

Puente is a nonprofit organization using proprietary technology to empower marginalized communities and catalyze sustainable development. The mission of the organization is to connect international development organizations and local institutions with under-served communities more efficiently to make development work more collaborative, impactful and sustainable.

Puente creates mobile data software to assess, map, and prioritize community needs. Trained local residents use puente’s platform to survey their communities, identity needs, and design solutions. Puente also partners with non-profits to maximize their impact: Puente’s partners use Puente technology to make data-informed decisions on how to work collaboratively in communities around the world.

Scope of Work & Responsibilities:

Notice: Scope of work may have some changes based on the needs of the partner organizations at the time of student arrival/engagement.   

This site can be in person and/or virtual for summer 2021.

Scope of work in person:

The organization has multiple ongoing projects on water and sanitation initiatives, survey form creation, data analytics, computer science, back-end or front-end software engineering, marketing, user experience design and/or research, monitoring and evaluation, community development programming, site expansion plans, and transition to online learning program. Students will be matched with one of the projects depending on their interest and background.

Scope of work virtual:

The organization is able to accommodate virtual projects. In summer 2021, students can work remotely in projects that include technical support and development of Puente’s technology (front or back-end engineers, data scientists, UX designers, UX researchers). Additionally, there are opportunities in helping the organization in refining its marketing and sales strategy or collaborating on with the monitoring and evaluation process.

Housing & Lodging Information:

Students will live with a host family in Constanza.  Students are expected to be a respectful guest, to obey house rules, and to conduct themselves appropriately as one would living with any family.  Breakfast and dinner, Monday through Friday, are provided by the host family.  Students are responsible for lunch during weekdays and their own meals on weekends.

For More Information:

Visit the official Puente Desarrollo Internacional web page

Notice: Certain sites may be canceled and other sites added at any point during the selection and orientation process.


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