The Common Good in Haiti: Global Health, Education, and the Preferential Option for the Poor (CSC 60693)

Two credit│Interdisciplinary | Fully funded

This course brings students into a face-to-face encounter with the collateral damage that Haiti has suffered from both the forces of nature, such as its 2010 earthquake and 2016 hurricane, and humankind itself; it is the latter that sets up the structures that render Haiti so vulnerable to the former. But there is more hope in Haiti than despair. Why is that? Come see. From Rara (analogous to the carnival festivals of Latin America) to life amidst the lakou or in the mountains, Notre Dame’s Haiti Program, with whom we partner, is witness to the great hospitality and aspirations of Haitian life. With these and other resources, especially the expertise of Dr. Karen Richman, the course will enable you to formulate personal and structural responses in light of the preferential option for the poor, especially as these might advance the common good through the amelioration of prevention and eradication of disease, poverty, and systemic injustice. This course includes travel scheduled over spring break 2017. 

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