Fall 2016 CEPS Workshops

Design Thinking and Community Engagement

September 30, 2016 

Ann-Marie Conrado, MA, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design, Art, Art History, and Design
This session examined insights from design thinking (integrating empathy, perspective-taking, engaged research, and iteration) in relation to community-based learning and explored how design thinking can be applied to community challenges. Encouraged for all graduate students (not just the artistically oriented) with an interest in creative efforts toward the public good.

Finding CST in Small Things: Catholic Social Tradition and Everyday Life

October 28, 2016 

Clemens Sedmak, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, Center for Social Concerns
This workshop explored the role of Catholic social teaching in ordinary life. Held in cooperation with students studying Catholic Social Tradition at Notre Dame.

What Do Our Partners Think?: Community Perceptions of University Engagement

November 17, 2016

James Frabutt, Ph.D., Office of the Provost
Jay Caponigro, MDiv, Office of Public Affairs
Graduate students explored the rationale and methods used to assess community perception of a college/university’s public engagement. Presented a review of a recent case study that systematically gathered the input of key economic, educational, and non-profit leaders about the engagement efforts of the University of Notre Dame.