Partnerships & Programs

Indiana Prison Liberal Arts Network (IPLAN)

IPLAN is an initiative under the NDPEP administrative umbrella to bring expertise, advice and awareness to other organizations across Indiana interested in providing higher education or college preparatory services to incarcerated individuals.

Moreau College Initiative (MCI)

MCI is a liberal arts program sponsored by Holy Cross College and University of Notre Dame, providing AA and BA degrees at Westville Men’s Correctional Facility. MCA is a member of the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) Consortium for Liberal Arts in Prison and a Second Chance Pell site.

Women’s College Partnership (WCP)

Women’s College Partnership (WCP) is a collaboration between Marian University and the University of Notre Dame that offers a liberal arts education at Indiana Women’s Prison. Notre Dame Programs for Education in Prison administers and supports the partnership, and Marian University confers degrees on participating students. WCP is a member of the Consortium for Liberal Arts in Prison, run by Bard Prison Initiative. 

Shakespeare in Prisons Program

The mission of the Shakespeare in Prisons Network is to bring Shakespeare to incarcerated populations, through ongoing classwork, education and performance, and to instill vital skills for social re-entry.


The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program facilitates education and dialogue across profound social differences. Led by trained faculty across the U.S. and beyond, Inside-Out courses bring traditional college students and incarcerated students together in jails and prisons for semester-long learning.

Bard Prison Initiative

The Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) works to redefine the availability, affordability, and expectations typically associated with higher education in America. Since 2001, BPI has created groundbreaking opportunities for college within America’s prison systems.