CST Research Labs

A key project within the research area is the establishment of a Catholic Social Tradition (CST) Research Lab.

A CST Research Lab will show that and how principles and ideas of Catholic Social Tradition make a difference on the ground; in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis warns against the risk of reducing Catholic Social Teaching to abstract principles: “The Church’s teachings concerning contingent situations are subject to new and further developments and can be open to discussion, yet we cannot help but be concrete—without presuming to enter into details—lest the great social principles remain mere generalities which challenge no one.”

 A CST Research Lab very much like Poverty Labs will explore the questions: What difference does the application of CST make in real-life and real-world situations? What is, in William James’ language, “the cash value” of CST?

An international seminal conference in Rome in January 2017 serves as the first step of establishing the CST Research Lab.