Course Development Grants


Each year the Center for Social Concerns accepts proposals from Notre Dame faculty and graduate students for up to $2,500 to fund the design of a new course or a major redesign of an existing course. These course development grants are a special initiative for those interested in incorporating social concerns into their courses through community-based learning. Community-based learning integrates student direct service or other forms of civic engagement, such as research for non-profit organizations, into academic courses.

Community Engagement Course Development Grant Categories

Community engagement course development grants are available to Notre Dame faculty and graduate students across the University. See the descriptions below to identify the options available.

1) Community Engagement Course Development Grants 

Faculty and graduate students from any College, in any discipline, are eligible for the general Community Engagement Course Development grants of up to $2,500 sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns through generous support from our donors.

2) Gray Family Course Development Grant 

Faculty in the Mendoza College of Business are eligible for up to $2,500 course development grants generously supported by the Gray Family. The application process for the Gray Family Course Development Grant is identical to the general grant.

3) International Community Engagement Course Development Grants

Faculty from any College, in any discipline, are eligible for the International Community Engagement Course Development grants of $2,500 sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns (graduate students are not eligible for this grant). Early consultation on applications is highly encouraged. Please contact Rachel Tomas Morgan, Associate Director, International Engagement to arrange a consultation. 

Proposal Questions

Faculty and graduate students who attend the Community Engagement Faculty Institute at the Center for Social Concerns will be given special consideration.

The online proposal asks you to present the following:

Proposed or actual name of the course; a brief course description; an indication of how the course fits into the major, college and/or university requirements/electives; the target student population; prerequisite student knowledge; desired size of the class; and the semester when the course will first be offered.

Course Content and Pedagogy

The social concerns issue or issues the course will address; anticipated community engagement of the students and how this will be integrated into the course (e.g., through potential assignments); and one or more civic learning goals and method to assess their attainment.

Catholic Social Teaching

Describe the ways your course aligns with Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Some courses are more explicit in addressing CST content while others are more implicit. Will the course include theological reflection? See this website for more on CST:

Community Engagement

Please describe the contact you have had with proposed community partners. What is your plan for maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with your partner(s) before, during, and after your course?  How and when will you communicate with them?  What type of communication do they want from you and your students?

Center for Social Concerns Support

In what ways would you like to work with faculty and staff at the Center for Social Concerns on this course? What specific assistance might you need from them regarding logistics, networking with additional community partners, developing assignments, arranging transportation, etc.?

Risk Management

What risk management concerns might your course raise?  Will students work with vulnerable populations (children, pregnant women, prisoners, groups stigmatized by disease, etc.)?  Will they work in environments with potential environmental hazards?  Have you been in touch with the office of Risk Management about these concerns?  What have they recommended to you?

Department Approval

A brief statement from the applicant's Notre Dame Department Chair should be emailed to Connie Snyder Mick indicating departmental approval of the course and verifying that the course will be offered at least once during the upcoming two academic years and preferably at least once more after that. Note that this grant does not include any payment for instruction of the course. All such compensation must be worked out with Department Chair or other appropriate parties. 

Who May Apply

Teaching-and-Research and Special Professional Faculty currently employed by Notre Dame may apply. One grant may be made available to a qualified graduate student. Gray Family Course Development Grants are only available to faculty in the Mendoza College of Business. 


The Center for Social Concerns is available to provide one-on-one assistance in the crafting of the new course and proposal. For assistance on local or national courses, or additional information, contact Connie Snyder Mick.

*The online submission form explains tax information regarding this grant.


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