Vehicle Information Overview


Important dates


Tuesday, January 15 Classes begin
Monday, January 21

First day vehicles available for use

Thursday, March 7 Last day to use vehicles before Mid-Term Break - MUST be returned by 3:00 p.m.
March 8-17 Mid-Term Break – Limited vehicle use by special permission only
Thursday, April 18 Last day to use vehicles before Easter Break- MUST be returned by 3:00pm
April 19-22 Easter Break
Wednesday, May 1 Last day vehicles are available for the Spring Term

Vehicle Request Form

2018–19 Vehicle Rental Availability Calendar

Community Engagement Transportation Options

There are several transportation options available to faculty and students who wish to participate in service learning, research, volunteer work and civic programs/projects within the surrounding community (community learning).


Students may use their personal vehicle. Note: personal insurance coverage is primary. A Student Driving Personal Vehicle on University Business waiver must be completed and sent to Barb Davy, Risk Manager, 574-631-6975 or prior to driving to the community learning location.


If the community learning location is within two miles of campus, the community learning commitment is during daylight hours and the weather is clear, walking or biking is encouraged.


Public transportation within the local community is free to all ND students, faculty, and staff who show their Notre Dame ID. Buses come to campus on a regular schedule and several community partner sites are on the bus route. Visit to find routes and schedules.


The Center for Social Concerns (CSC) owns a limited number of vehicles which may be requested by students and faculty, free of charge, for participation in community learning activities.  


The University owns a fleet of vehicles that may be made available for rent to students and faculty for community learning if a CSC vehicle is not available. The center facilitates the reservation and pays the rental fee for the vehicles.
Students and faculty are asked to utilize the mode of transportation that is most environmentally sustainable (e.g. walking, biking, public transportation) whenever possible. Those who request to use a CSC/University fleet vehicle for community learning must comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, University policies and CSC vehicle policies and procedures.

Process to Request and Drive CSC Vehicles

In order to drive a vehicle scheduled through the CSC, students and faculty are required to:

  1. Complete the ND Driver's Training provided by ND Department of Transportation
    1. Training days are Tuesday at 10:30 a.m .or Thursday at 3:00 p.m.
    2. Training is completed at the Department of Transportation located at 115 Maintenance Center located on St Joseph Drive.
    3. Must bring your valid driver’s license
    4. Obtain a driver’s training certification card from Department of Transportation and be prepared to present it at the CSC before driving.
    5. Contact the Transportation Department at 574-631-6467 if you have questions.
  2. Complete and pass the Sakai CSC Vehicle Usage Course and Quiz
    1. Go to InsideND
    2. Search for “Sakai” and log in
    3. Go to ”My Workspace”
    4. Go to ”Membership”
    5. Go to ”Joinable Sites”
    6. Search for the course name, “CSC Vehicle Usage Course”, and join the course
    7. Click on “Overview” to access the first page
    8. You must complete the course and pass the quiz with a grade of 90% or better. If you fail you must retake the quiz until you pass.
  3. Complete an online CSC Vehicle Request Form
    1. You must have completed steps 1 and 2 in order to submit a Vehicle Request Form.
    2. The CSC Vehicle Request Form must be completed by the person who will drive the vehicle. If there are alternate drivers, they must also have an ND Drivers Permit card issued by the Department of Transportation and have completed the CSC Vehicle Usage Course and Quiz with a passing grade of 90% or better.
    3. Forms must be submitted 5 business days in advance of date you are requesting to drive.
    4. Vehicles may be reserved up to 30 days in advance of the driving date.
    5. You must complete a form for each trip unless it occurs on the same time and the same day each trip.
    6. Your request is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email, which will include the reservation number and scheduled time(s). You may expect a response to your request within three business days.
    7. You may be asked to carpool or adjust your departure/arrival times based upon scheduling needs.
    8. The CSC reserves the right to limit the number of reservations per driver based upon vehicle demand.

CSC Vehicle Usage Policy and Procedures

Vehicle Driver Responsibilities

  1. Comply with all applicable local driving laws and regulations.
  2. Review, understand and follow the appropriate University policy which applies to use of vehicles owned by the University:
    1. University Student Vehicle Usage Policy
    2. University Employee Vehicle Usage Policy
  3. In addition to adhering to the above vehicle usage policies, the vehicle driver must:
    1. Immediately report all changes in status of their driving privileges or driver’s license (including expiration, suspension or revocation) to the Vehicle Coordinator at
    2. Refrain from cell phone usage, including texting and hands-free usage, while driving CSC/University vehicles.
    3. Vehicle may only be driven to the community learning site and back to the University. No personal usage is allowed, including stops for meals, errands, shopping, picking up/dropping off friends, etc.    
    4. Vehicle may only be driven by authorized students, faculty or staff of the University, and other passengers may only be students, faculty or staff of the University. Minors may not be transported in CSC/University vehicles without prior specific consultation with and approval from University Risk Management.
    5. Vehicles supplies are limited; by necessity, returns and pickups are scheduled close together. To avoid delays for the next driver, vehicles must be picked up and dropped off at the appointed times. Vehicles must be returned to the same place where they were picked up and the keys and vehicle packet must be returned as directed as soon as the driver returns to campus. If an unavoidable delay occurs, call 574-631-5293 and report the delay and estimated arrival time immediately.

Avoid Loss of Driving Privileges

  1. CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING  If you have reserved a vehicle and circumstances arise that cause you to not be able to use the vehicle you MUST CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR RESERVATION IN ADVANCE—AT LEAST TWO BUSINESS DAYS NOTICE IS REQUIRED. Call 574-631-5293 AND email to notify the Vehicle Coordinator. Excessive cancellations/rescheduling may result in loss of driving privileges.
  2. NO SHOWS  If you were scheduled to use a vehicle and did not call/email to cancel your reservation per the above policy you will be considered a “No Show.” One “No Show” will result in a warning. After a second "No Show" you will lose driving privileges for the remainder of the semester.
  3. RENTAL COSTS  Vehicle inventory is limited. During peak times, we may have to arrange a rental vehicle for your use for which the Center pays $35–$50 per day. If you do not cancel/reschedule your reservation timely (see above) or are a "No Show" you will be required to cover the cost of the rental. If you do not reimburse the cost of the rental as requested, you will lose your driving privileges.
  4. EMERGENCY/ILLNESS  We understand that emergencies and illness arise. Please contact the vehicle coordinator ASAP at both 574-631-5293 and so that we can work with you and so that we can offer the vehicle to another person.
  5. LOST KEYS  A $300 charge will be assessed for any lost keys. Driving privileges will be suspended until the charge is paid.


  1. In the event of an emergency, such as vehicle breakdown or accident, follow the procedures outlined in the vehicle packet that is provided at the time of vehicle pickup. It is very important that University procedures be followed in the event of an accident. Please review these procedures carefully in the appropriate vehicle usage policy (links above). As soon as you are able, also contact the vehicle coordinator at 574-631-5623 and to report the issue.
  2. Any damage to the vehicle, no matter how minor, must be reported to the vehicle coordinator  immediately.
  3. The University provides insurance for CSC, University and rental vehicles driven on University business, however, there is a $500 deductible. If the driver who has borrowed the CSC/University vehicle is faulted in the accident, they will be responsible for payment of the deductible.

If you have any further questions not answered after completing the Sakai CSC Vehicle Usage Course and Quiz, please contact the vehicle coordinator by e-mail at



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