Vehicle Information Overview


Important dates

Spring 2018

Tuesday, January 16 Classes begin
Monday, January 29

First day vehicles available for use

Thursday, March 8 Last day to use vehicles before Mid-Term Break
March 10 - 18 Mid-Term Break – Limited vehicle use by special permission only
Wednesday, March 28 Last day to use vehicles before Easter Break
March 30 - April 2 Easter Break
Wednesday, May 2 Last day vehicles are available for the Spring Term


Students may use their personal vehicles to drive to their Orientations and/or weekly service venues. Note: personal insurance coverage is primary.  A Student Driving Personal Vehicle on University Business waiver needs to be completed and sent to Barb Davy, Risk Manager, 574-631-6975 or

If a student's volunteer location is less than two miles away, their volunteer time is during daylight hours and the weather is clear, they should consider walking or biking.

Students are encouraged to utilize the public bus system. Public transportation is free to all ND students and staff who show their Notre Dame ID. Visit to find routes and schedules. 

The Center for Social Concerns (CSC) owns a limited number of vehicles which may be requested by students. The vehicles are free of charge to students doing volunteer work and service-learning/civic programs or projects in the community.  

The University owns a fleet of vehicles that may be made available for rent to students doing volunteer work in the local community if a CSC Vehicle is not available. The Center facilitates the reservation and pays the rental fee for the vehicles. The rental fee is $50 per day for each vehicle. If a student fails to notify the Center for Social Concerns a minimum of two days in advance they will not be using their rental vehicle they will be charged the $50 daily rental fee. 

Students who have reserved a Center vehicle who do not show up for their assigned rental time will be considered a “No Show.” A student receives a 'Strike' for each No Show. After the third 'Strike', the student will be fined $5.00 and will lose their privileges for one week or until the fine is paid. To avoid a fine, students must contact the CSC Vehicle Coordinator,, in advance to cancel their vehicle reservation.

Driver Eligibility to request and drive CSC vehicles:

In order to drive a vehicle scheduled through the CSC, students are required to:

  1. Complete the ND Driver's Training provided by ND Department of Transportation
    • Training days are Tuesday at 10:30 a.m .or Thursday at 3:00 p.m.
    • Training is completed at the Department of Transportation located at 115 Maintenance Center located on St Joseph Drive. 
    • Contact the Transportation Department at 574-631-6467 if you have questions.
  2. Complete and pass the Sakai CSC Vehicle Usage Course and Quiz.
    • To enroll in the course and take the required quiz you will need to:
    • Login to Sakai
    • Go to 'My Workspace'
    • Go to 'Membership'
    • Go to 'Joinable Sites'
    • Search for the course name, CSC Vehicle Usage Course, and join the course
    • Click on Overview to access the first page
    • You must pass the course with a grade of 90% or better. If you fail the course you must retake the quiz until you pass.
  3. Complete an online CSC Vehicle Request Form:
    • You must have completed steps 1 and 2 in order to submit a Vehicle Request Form.
    • The CSC Vehicle Request Form must be completed by the person who will drive the vehicle. If there are alternate drivers, they must also have an ND Drivers Permit card issued by the Department of Transportation and have completed the CSC Vehicle Usage Course and Quiz with a passing grade of 90% or better.
    • Forms must be submitted 7 days in advance of date you are requesting

The CSC Vehicle Request Form must be completed by the person who will drive the vehicle. If there are alternate drivers, they are required to have completed the ND Drivers Training and the CSC Policies and Procedures Sakai Quiz. If a fine is incurred by the alternate driver, then it is the primary driver's responsibility to ensure that the applicable fine is paid before use can be continued.  Note: regular users from the fall semester will be required to fill out new request forms for spring semester schedule.

In order to reserve the vehicle, the online request form must be submitted no later than one week prior to the date of requested use (week begins Monday and ends Sunday). You must complete a form for each trip requested unless it occurs at the same time on the same day each week. If a vehicle is requested for weekly use, the approval will be emailed only once and usage will be put on a regular schedule. Your request is not considered confirmed until you receive an email from the vehicle coordinator,

When completing requests, be certain to take into account your entire usage time (this includes time to pick up and return keys and vehicle). Periodically you may be assigned a Transportation Services Department Vehicle and you will need to walk to the Transportation Services Building to pick it up. In the winter, snow may require a few extra minutes for travel time. We schedule trips very close together, so be certain of your departure and arrival times. If they change, even the slightest, the vehicle coordinator must be notified by e-mail at If you are at your site and a special circumstance will force a late return, please call 574-631-5293 to inform the CSC front desk assistant, as another group may be waiting for your vehicle.

In an effort to best utilize the Center’s vehicles, we make every effort to operate in an environmentally and sustainable-friendly manner. This means your vehicle request may require you to carpool with another student going to the same location or same area.

Keys, Cancelations, Fines, and Miscellaneous Information

A $5.00 fine may be charged when there are improper cancellations, incorrect sign in/outs, or the incorrect return of keys. Vehicle use subsequent to a fine will be allowed only after the fine is paid. A $300 replacement fee will be charged for a lost key.

Students are given keys after they sign out and pick up their mileage card and packet from the CSC. It is important to check the information on your card, which will indicate whether keys are to be picked up and returned to the CSC or to the Transportation Services' drop box (located in the door behind the gas pumps).

You must always return your mileage card to the CSC and sign-in with all required information immediately upon return, regardless of whether the keys are returned to Transportation Services or the CSC.

If you have scheduled a vehicle and will not be using it, you must call 574-631-5293 AND email the coordinator at by the cancellation deadline of two days advance notice. Failure to do so could result in a fine and loss of driving privileges. 

There is a $500 deductible on the University's insurance policy. In the event of an accident, groups and persons using a vehicle must complete an accident report form and follow the instructions. The accident form and related information is located in the packet presented when checking out keys. IF the driver who has borrowed the CSC vehicle is faulted in the accident, they will be responsible for payment of the deductible.

Groups wishing to transport non-university passengers must abide by the guidelines established by the Office of Risk Management (631-5037). As required by law, the vehicle driver and all passengers must wear seatbelts.

If you have any further questions not answered after completing the Sakai CSC Vehicle Usage Course and Quiz, contact the vehicle coordinator by e-mail at

We suggest you review the Sakai CSC Vehicle Usage Course each year before requesting a vehicle, as rules, regulations, and fines are subject to change.