Urban Plunge: Church and Social Action

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Urban Plunge

CSC 33963
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The Urban Plunge is a one-credit, experiential-learning course designed to give students a brief but important opportunity to engage with communities experiencing poverty in U.S. cities. With sites in most major cities, students will spend two to four days in a city close to their hometown, with the chance to spend time with people and organizations who face the challenges of poverty. Leading up to and during this immersion, students will examine the root causes of poverty in urban areas focusing on dimensions such as opportunity, race, mental health, faith-based efforts, gender, housing, criminal justice system, and employment. 

Class Time: 7:00–8:30 p.m.

Class Dates: November 11, November 18,  December 2, December 9, 2019 and January 20, January 27, 2020

January Immersions

  • Immersions will be two to four day period between January 2–11, 2020, with the dates varying due to the different needs and availability of our community partners.
  • Locations are in many major cities in the United States.
  • Students are encouraged to choose a city in close proximity to their hometown. Transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the student. (Financial assistance for travel may be available, e.g. train or air travel. Please contact Greg White to inquire about possible assistance.)
  • Some students may be asked to provide transportation while on the immersion, but this agreement will be made only on a volunteer basis.
  • Available spots vary with each community partner depending on their lodging and programming capacity. For specific information regarding the capacity of the partner in your city, please contact uplunge@nd.edu.

February Immersion in South Bend

  • The South Bend Urban Plunge immersion experience will take place February 7–9, 2020. Students whose hometown is not near an Urban Plunge city are encouraged to apply, as well as students who are from the Northern Indiana or Southern Michigan area. However all students are welcome to apply.

2020 SITES AND DATES (some confirmations Pending) 

Seminar Fee

  • $150 charged to your student account upon completion of the seminar (please contact Greg White for inquiries regarding financial assistance) 
  • This fee offsets the cost of food, housing, and supplies associated with the immersion.
  • The fee will be assessed through Student Accounts in late January 2020. 
  • Additional recommended spending money: $75

Things to Note

  • As part of participation in a seminar, we seek to live intentionally and simply during the immersion, please be flexible. We ask that you take the opportunity to invest fully and embrace the change of pace and amenities.
  • You will receive more specific details about your experience during preparation classes.
  • Most meals will be prepared by your team or in conjunction with your hosts.
  • Student leaders and your seminar director will be your liaison with community partner contacts.
  • Lodging is provided. You will be responsible for your own bedding.
  • You must participate in all class sessions and entire immersion in order to complete requirements for the course. If you miss any class for any reason you will be responsible for making the class up. 
  • Student leaders must also complete the regular application for participation.
  • The seminars staff is considering accepting students who are studying abroad during the fall 2019. If this applies to you, please contact Seminars Director, Kyle Lantz at klantz@nd.edu for details.
  • This seminar is designated as either a Catholic Social Teaching Minor seminar, CSTS,  or a Poverty Studies Minor Experiential attribute, PSCE.

Urban Plunge Leadership

Each of our Urban Plunge teams will have 1–2 undergraduate student leaders. For information on the role and responsibilities, please contact the Seminars team at uplunge@nd.edu

Please note that Urban Plunge leaders also need to fill out the general application to participate below.

Application Process: 
  • Complete the general application which will be available later in the summer of 2019.
  • You cannot register for the seminar until you receive registration information from seminars staff.
  • Notification of site placement will happen following the closing of the application. 
  • Please note that the credits earned in the class will be applied to your spring semester.
  • By submitting the application, you confirm you are in good academic standing.
  • With questions about your application, email uplunge@nd.edu.


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