Take Ten Seminar

Social Concerns Seminar
CSC 23855
PSY 23855

Take Ten is a research-based conflict resolution curriculum designed at the University of Notre Dame and headquartered at the University’s Robinson Community Learning Center. Take Ten’s mission is to provide youth with positive alternatives to violence and build their capacity to make more informed choices when faced with conflict. Take Ten volunteers work on a weekly basis with schoolchildren of all grades to teach them the skills needed to resolve conflict peacefully. Born as a restorative practice within the scope of a restorative justice lens, Take Ten has recently developed a method of teaching its curriculum in the Peacemaking Circles format as well as offering Talking Circles at some schools.

Students participating in the Take Ten seminar will serve as Take Ten volunteers during the semester (February through May with training in January), being part of a team that works at a school in the area one time per week.  The seminar itself will meet in the Peacemaking Circles format and will function as training for seminar students to become Circle facilitators. Readings and reflections will allow students to focus on understanding issues of youth and violence from various perspectives and to discuss their work in Circle.  

Application Process: 

To apply please click on the button below to fill our the electronic application form. After doing so, you will receive the Learning Agreement via email which should be read and signed. 


After completing the learning agreement please return to Professor Kyes via email, Kyes.1@nd.edu,  via campus mail or regular mail to Ellen Kyes at the Robinson Community Learning Center. You can also drop it off at the front desk of Geddes Hall to the attention of Judy Benchaar, Administrative Assistant.

Application deadline: Thursday, January 18, 2018, 11:59 p.m. EST



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