Getting Started

Getting Started with the 2021 SSLP​

What Will I Do in a Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP)?

You will serve at a vetted non-profit organization in your local community. Depending on the options in your community, you may be able to choose from a  variety of categories, such as hospital clinics, parishes, schools, summer camps, and other community-based organizations. We have around 160 sites all over the country, so take a look at our Site Directory. Students work at least 35 hours a week for 8 consecutive weeks at their organizations. 

What Do I Get From a SSLP?

Funding - A $3,000 scholarship toward the Fall 2021

Academic Credits - THEO 33936: Kinship on the Margins, a three-credit theology course graded S/U. The SSLP also allows you to register for THEO 20625,: Discipleship, which fulfills the second Theology requirement. The SSLP does not count as a first or second Theology requirement. 

The SSLP may count toward these Minors: 

  • AL - Catholic Social Teaching
  • AL - Education, School, Society
  • AL - Hesburgh Program in Public Service 
  • AL - Latino Studies
  • AL - Poverty Studies 
  • *AL - Theology (3 graded credits)
  • SC - Compassionate Care in Medicine
  • SC - Sustainability

The SSLP may counts toward these Majors:

  • *AL - Neuroscience and Behavior (3 graded credits - CSC33939)
  • *AL - Theology (3 graded credits -  THEO40642)

*additional requirements apply

What Should I Do Now?

Apply: Students must have experience in service to others, either formally or informally, be in academic and community good standing, and be available for eight consecutive weeks during the summer of 2021. The application opens September 18 and closes October 11, 2020.

Click Here to Apply (on/after September 18) 

Holy Cross and Saint Mary's students, you are welcome to apply! Please email Emily Garvey and she will send you a workable link.

Schedule a Zoom SSLP Interview and Placement Meeting: You’ll receive a link to schedule this meeting after you submit your application. 

Common Questions

How much time is required for the SSLP?

  • Fall 2020 - Application, Interview, Placement Meeting, and Contract Signing (around 5 hours);
  • Spring 2021 - Formation and orientation assignments (around 5 hours);
  • Summer 2021 - Service, weekly reading, short journal entries (35-40 hours of service a week for 8 consecutive weeks); 
  • August/September 2021 - Submit capstone project and participate in integration sessions (around 4-5 hours).

Does the SSLP apply to my major or career goals? Yes! 2019 SSLP Participant Alex Lewis said, “The SSLP helped me determine what kind of job and work I want to participate in. It also helped me to envision what kind of studies and projects I hope to partake in while in undergraduate years.” The SSLP also counts towards several majors and minors.

I’m not Catholic and not really religious, is the SSLP for me? Absolutely! Students from all faith backgrounds, as well as students who aren’t religious participate every year. The SSLP is about engaging social justice issues through the lenses of human dignity, the common good, and solidarity - themes drawn from Catholic Social Teaching.

Tell me again about the funding? SSLP participants receive a scholarship of $3,000 for the Fall of 2021. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have specific questions about your package and whether a SSLP would impact it.

Can I participate if I am a senior? Because the SSLP is considered a fall course, students must be considered current students for the Fall of 2021. If you are graduating in December 2021 rather than May of 2021, you may participate. 


Other questions? We'd love to hear from you. Contact SSLP Assistant Director Emily Garvey at 574.631.1040 or

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